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    swap relics in and out

    It was on the WoW dev Q&A, and Ian responded, that it would be too much hassle to swap relics all the time to be optimized.
    Personally i would love to be able to do this, what about you?

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    so basically glyphs? but more shitty
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    id be fine with 2 sets off relics that we could switch, but making them completely interchangable... no

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    Relics aren't Talents or Glyphs, no thanks.

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    No, terrible idea. We have something unique and we have to change it so it's all the same? We have talents and gear that we can swap around, that's enough.

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    bump, wanna see more votes

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    Its nothing but glorified talent points with ilevel stat. It affects game play, so it makes sense to be able to swap relics.

    Also its such a waste to destroy good relic when its a major upgrade for offspec weapon.

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    Nah they should just stop coming with shit traits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swalload View Post
    Nah they should just stop coming with shit traits.
    wouldnt mind that, it would make it all alot easier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swalload View Post
    Nah they should just stop coming with shit traits.
    They will in Tomb
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    Quote Originally Posted by Melancolie View Post
    They will in Tomb
    It's always the same thing, they have to wait for players to find what's good? They designed it, they know what's good, this is a stats game with barely any depth, there's no surprise, no need to check builds on the internet, read tooltip, find the big numbers and go for it basically. Even easier with Artifact traits: you want +1% armor or +5% dmg on your best skill?

    Come on...

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    No thanks, don't need even more micro min-maxing.

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