View Poll Results: Should Blizz Update/Revamp zones and quests again?

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  • Yes - The content is outdated

    97 53.59%
  • No - The content is fine

    46 25.41%
  • Other (Yes) - Explained in the thread

    7 3.87%
  • Other (No) - Explained in the thread

    9 4.97%
  • Other (Maybe) - Explained in the thread

    5 2.76%
  • I don't care and am not sure why I am here

    17 9.39%
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    I wouodnt mind them updating the appearance of things to all be more up to date graphics wise, but Id actually like them to return the world to how it was before Cata for the most part. What they did to some of those zones is just a travesty.

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    A few things to consider:

    - We've spent more time in the new post-cataclysm revamped zones than the vanilla ones.
    - The leveling experience is attrociously outdated.
    - The resources are beyond anything that Blizzard can spare. It's too much work.
    - Level scaling may help feeling more in-tune with the leveling experience.

    And beyond that, even more things to consider:

    - What do we do with the outdated version?
    - To what extent should the revamp be extended?
    - What pacing should we use?
    - Should it be tuned for 1-110? Or a smaller margin?

    I would support the idea, however dont get your hopes up with the current state of things.
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    I hate what Cata did in the first place, so I don't know that I'd want anything like that done again. At most, I'd like the zones fixed that were damaged by deathwing and it'd probably make sense to change all "deathwing is coming" quest to "deathwing did this, we can finally move on, go fix it" type quest. Same with Hellscream stuff.

    I wouldn't want an xpac based around it. A big patch, maybe, as long as it also brought: world quest for max level players throughout the zones, and OPTIONAL level scaling so that people can pick where they want to level.

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    I'd love to see another reboot. Keeps the story of the world moving forward. There are two things that could make it more fun for people, though.

    1. Combine it with WQ technology, so that old players have a reason to return to these zones and see the new content.

    2. Keep the Cataclysm zones available through the Caverns of Time or some similar mechanic.
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