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    Exclamation skyrim has no sound when game starts

    i downloaded Skyrim -game- it was a compressed version on the website, and now that i have installed it i see i don't have any sound in game (just have the sound at the very beginning where Bethesda studio's name is shown).

    can you help me with that? could it be because of compression of the file (file damage)? or what?

    is there any where i can download all the sound files and copy them into game files (instead of downloading again).

    ps: i have directx 12,and windows 10. if needed.

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    is it a pirate copy? because thats the only place i can imagine getting "compressed" versions off of "websites" comes from.

    if so you're most likely fucked. but in all cases install the mods "unofficial skyrim fixes" or whatever they're called.

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    Wrong forum :/

    OT: Dunno, is everything updated?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Arcrin View Post
    if so you're most likely fucked.
    Well shit, I've been fucked since the day the game came out :O

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    Go to Sound management, set quality to 16bit 48 kHz and try again. That was what fixed it for me years ago when the game was just released.

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