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    So back to the point... I currently have VERY close to your setup (differences are that I'm using a 3570K OCed to 4.3Ghz and a P8Z77-V LK). I just picked up an 8GB RX 480 and wow flies with it. Just a massive improvement over my old GTX 570.

    I would, however, advise against the Asus model - I heard that it was loud and ran warm. I got the XFX GTR, but from what I understand the MSI Gamer or Armor are the quitest/coolest by far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by entropism View Post
    I just picked up an 8GB RX 480 and wow flies with it.
    recent enough to send it back and get a 580 for the same price? or was it super cheap because of the 580 release?

    update to reply: that is amazing.
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    A little of A, a little of B. Got it about a month and a half ago, with a 15% off coupon. And for some reason fucked up and refunded my order (I have NO idea why) and so it was free. AND there was a $20 rebate. So I'm not complaining at all. It's going to pay for my new monitor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rastlin View Post
    That's exactly the opposite of what you are suggesting. Gsync/vsync is only meaningful in situation if your gpu can dish out enough FPS to hit the monitor refresh rate.

    There is no difference in low FPS situations. I own the gsync monitor for more than a year now.
    No, if you can hit the monitors refresh rate and stay above it, then adaptive sync is not doing anything. It is only helpful in situations where you drop below your max refresh rate as it then does what it is supposed to, adjusts your monitors refresh rate to your FPS so you don't get tearing when not at your monitors native refresh rate or a multiple of it. If you have a 144hz adaptive sync monitor and you are getting 250 FPS, your refresh rate stays at 144hz and adaptive sync does nothing. If you are getting 100 FPS though, instead of dealing with V-Sync and your monitor displaying 72FPS since 72 is a multiple of 144, it actually displays at 100FPS because it adjust the refresh rate to 100hz.

    So yeah, you have it backwards. Adaptive sync doesn't even do anything if you are hitting your monitors refresh rate. It only does stuff when you can not reach it. It's kinda silly too, because the tech, at least on the nvidia side, is so expensive that the only people that have it are already pushing past their monitors refresh rates. It's beneficial only to the people that can not afford it.

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