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    Tryhard - For Good!

    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

    The gauntlet has been thrown. We’ve equipped some top-tier Twitch streamers with a coach and challenged them with a simple goal: become the best Heroes of the Storm player they can possibly be, while earning donations for Make-A-Wish® in the process. It’s time to Tryhard – For Good!

    How Tryhard for Good Works:

    • Phase One (April 25 – May 1):
      • For the first week of the competition, each of the contenders will be teaming up with the coaches listed below for some hands-on instruction. Here’s where they’ll learn the ins-and-outs of Heroes of the Storm, sharpen their competitive skills, and get their Hero League game faces on!
    • Phase Two (May 2 – 16):
      • The gloves come off! For the next two weeks, each competitor will claw their way to the top of the Hero League solo queue ladder with no more assistance from the coaches. Good luck!
    • Follow Along!
      • Tune in to your favorite streamers’ Twitch channels to learn alongside them during Phase One, and keep up with their progress as they climb the Hero League ladder during Phase Two! Find links to each streamer’s channel in the Competitors and Coaches sections below.


    Five-time League of Legends world championship competitor who played for North America's Team Solo Mid, and full-time Twitch streamer, Marcus 'Dyrus' Hill will be coached by Jaehyung 'Chu8' Park!
    Former professional League of Legends player, coach, and full-time streamer, William 'Scarra' Li will be coached by Derek 'Dunktrain' Arabian!
    Former professional League of Legends player, a master innovator, metabreaker and full-time streamer, Joedat 'Voyboy' Esfahani will be coached by Kurt 'Kaeyoh' Ocher!
    https://www.twitch.tv/tsm_dyrus https://www.twitch.tv/scarra https://www.twitch.tv/voyboy


    Jaeyhung 'Chu8' Park is a multiple-time Grandmaster Heroes player, former professional competitor, and is now a full-time Heroes of the Storm streamer.
    Derek 'Dunktrain' Arabian is a full-time streamer, caster, and analyst and the former team captain of the BlizzCon 2015 Championship winning Heroes of the Storm team Cloud9.
    Kurt 'Kaeyoh' Ocher is the former team captain of the Heroes of the Storm team Tempo Storm, turned full time streamer and professional caster.
    https://www.twitch.tv/chu8 https://www.twitch.tv/dunktrain https://www.twitch.tv/kaeyoh

    At the end of the challenge, each sponsored streamer’s rank on the Hero League ladder will determine the donation amount we’ll make to Make-A-Wish:

    Reach Gold Rank $500
    Reach Platinum Rank $1500
    Reach Diamond Rank $2000
    Reach Diamond Ranks 1-5 $500 Per tier of Diamond
    Reach Master Rank $3500
    Reach Grand Master Rank $5000
    Win Hero League Matches $100 Per Hero League win
    Climb to the Top $25k to the Competitor who Reaches the Highest Rank!

    NOTE: Each higher tier of prizes will also include the rewards for the ranks below it. For example, if a competitor reaches Diamond 3 they will receive all rewards for Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Diamond 4 + 5, the Hero League win total, and the Diamond 3 prize.

    About Make-A-Wish

    Make-A-Wish grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. Find out more at www.wish.org.

    Our competitors will also be hosting and commentating on the Heroes of the Storm 2.0 launch stream, so be sure to tune in to www.twitch.tv/blizzheroes at 11:00 a.m. PDT on April 25. You won’t want to miss it!

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    This could be huge, these streamers are extremely popular, Dryus often gets more views that the blizzheroes channel. Chat is certain to be toxic as hell, but I'm excited.
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    Scarra is currently being coached by Dunktrain, live!

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    TriHard /10
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    Was watching Dunktrain yday and he gave some top notch advice to Scarra. Specifically something along the lines of "I always vote supports at the end so they feel good and play supports, meaning I don't have to play them". Solid Gold.

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