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    Question Druid 4-piece set Macro

    Hello! I just got my 4-piece set yesterday and a problem emerged same as with my DK.
    I press Shred and after a mil. second the proc activated and is used. I want to Thrash for the extra bleed but its almost impossible.
    Anyone know some kind of Macro...lets say when the proc is active when I press the button it uses Thrash instead of Shred?

    Thanks for your responses.

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    You can't make macros or addons that decide for you based on buff uptimes or the like.

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    If I recall correctly, the proc is based off melee swipes landed? only real option would be to properly watch your melee swing timer and possibly hold off if one is about to land. Been awhile since I've kittyd tho and might proc from dot ticks(bleeds) which can also be tracked but requires addons.

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    Thats a pity. Yeah it is autoattack bases. Still sucks that it can go off like it that. Was fucking broken with DK for years.

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    I'm lost as to what you're looking for. The feral bonus for t19 is either a combo point for thrash or extra damage to shred/swipe. If you're looking for something for free thrashing, you could make a weakaura that tracks clearcasting and puts a thrash icon up.

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