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    Question About Open World PvP

    So I recently had some awesome PvP in the open world with a player my level of the opposite faction. We were trying to quest in the same area and it caused some "friction" between us. I had a blast with it, but it also did make it harder to level. So let me ask you, how many times to you continue to fight each other if you're questing in the same area?

    I was attacked by a dwarf, the dwarf killed me.

    I retaliated and killed the dwarf.

    The dwarf hunted me for a long time, each time I killed the dwarf again.

    The dwarf successfully killed me.

    I stealthed to my quest objectives. The dwarf attackes me. I narrowly complete my quests and get away.

    the dwarf kills me in the questing hub and proceeds to get destroyed by guards.

    So when do you stop? Do you usually let players your level go if they are questing? Or do you kill everyone you see? I usually let people be unless they pick a fight with me if we are questing in the same area. What is your personal policy on open world PvP while questing?

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    Hmm, in world PvP, I tend to let the other strike first - and then I'll nuke him down. I don't go in to ANY bases, nor attack if they don't provoke.
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    That crap is why I don't play on PvP servers anymore. I prefer questing in peace. When I did, though, I'd usually return once or twice to kill the person who'd ganked me and then move on.

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    I leave the opposite faction alone, until they attack me. If they attack me, I will continue to kill them if they go near me.

    This is only really relevant to the PvP WQ, I moved away from PvP servers a while ago, but the above was still how I behaved back then.
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