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    Question Argus, New zone? Scenario? Quest Zone? Raid?

    I ask how Argus is going to be, mostly because people have a lot of ideas of how its going to be. And i think its going to be just a small quest area. However, the way Blizzard works with patches, i dont expect something that big or even an entire Draenor with many zones and places to visit. How are people getting those weird ideas about Argus being that big?

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    Blizzard said that Argus was going to be a New zone, with a Raid, as well as a Quest-hub/A few questlines.

    Expect Scenarios as well....

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    im optimistically hoping its a whole zone with a massive questline like suramar but expecting it to be a zone like timeless isle or tanaan
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    Probably firelands-like zone, but with the raid entrance in the most inconvenient place. Get ready to run through dozens of mob packs to get inside, since I'm sure "argus weather" will prevent flying.

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