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    5 common (duh), 55 epic chests and 6 veteran netted me:

    Legendary: Ghost Skin of Kerrigan (the blue one so very happy), 2 Azmodunk skins, Twilight Archangel Diablo skin, Blessed Judgement Uther skin, Neon Cyb'arak skin, 2 Mystic Kingdom Arthas skins, Enraged Butcherlisk skin, Neon Spectre Illidan skin, Monkey King Samuro skin, Fel Demonic Tyrael skin, some heroes I already had (I have all the heroes so was to be expected), Pennance Judgement Charger Mount and Ancient Demonic Hellstead mount.

    Notable epics: Love Goddess skin for Tyrande, 2 Herald of N'zoth Alarak skins, Dreamie Genie skin for Chromie, 3 Big Top Gazlowe skins, Spellbreak Johanna skin, Cyborghawk Kael'thas skin, Violet Tiger Kharazim skin, Pearlshadowpaw Li Li skin, Molten Druid of the Flame Malfurion skin, Old Marshal Raynor skin, Neon sgt. Hammer skin, all the Super Sonya skins, Crypt King Tassadar skin, Cyberdemo Zarya, Old Marshal's Outrider mount, Hunter Felsaber Demon mount, Felboar mount, Fel Butcher's Beast mount, the Hearthstone mount and the Nazeebo+Arthas+E.T.C.+ Diablo announcer.

    After crafting I have 3200 shards left and basicly everything I want except for the new Diablo legendary skin, the Abathur announcer and the Infiltrator Mecha Dehaka skin. So it was a pretty good score

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    Got fhe black Prime Evil Diablo from a regular chest earned from today's play

    It's so amazing =D
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    GL to everyone with your lewtz, may the RNG smile upon you.
    Got 55 epic and 7 veterans to open, waiting for my bro to get home so we compare the shinies.
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    Besides, you don't gain any knowledge of a useful spec if you level as BM
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    Time to open 70 chests... Will probably be a little while before I report back on my useful stuff.
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    Got around 60 chests overall, 17 so far opened, all results before rerolls.
    6 loot chest: 14C, 5R, 3E, 2L
    10 epic chests: 21C, 8R, 11E
    1 Tassadar chest: 4C

    The two legendaries were Infested Tychus (meh) and Demonic Tyrael (yay). Among the epics two Nova skins (shoot me now), Magenta Shadowpaw Li Li and a Felsaber Mount. 750 shards for duplicates.

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    I had 2 veteran chests, both shit :\

    first 1 had 1 legendary, 1 rare 3 common
    Legendary was Lucio, rare was kerrigan skin

    2nd chest
    legendary kerrigan skin, rare tyrande skin :\

    rerolled them both twice and got rubbish

    - - - Updated - - -

    I did just get a legendary uther skin in a common box, so thats nice

    - - - Updated - - -

    LEgendary from an epic container, and its a duplicate Uther skin :|

    if i re-roll will i lose the legendary?
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    Level 42, I think I received 4 (or 5?) common chests, 24 epic chests and 2 veteran chests.

    Common chest loot (4 or 5):
    • Heroes
    • Skins
    Succubus Kerrigan
    • Banners
    Demon Hunter
    Kaldir Zerg
    • Other
    One portrait, various voice lines, sprays and some emojis

    Epic chest loot (24):

    • Heroes
    Chen (copy, converted into shards)
    • Skins
    Abathur: Kaldir
    Alarak: Bone Herald of N'Zoth
    Artanis: Crimson Purifier, Hierarch
    Arthas: Dalaran Prince
    Auriel: Sakura (got it twice, second converted into shards), Archangel
    Brightwing (don't have her): Flying Monkey (mega ugly)
    Chen: Warmaster
    Chromie: Fel Queen, Dreamie Genie
    Diablo: Cave Dweller Lurkablo (ugly)
    Doctor Morales (don't have her): Mega Love Doctor
    Gazlowe: Clown Big Top, Grease
    Genji (don't have him): Master Dragon
    Greymane: Ringmaster
    Gul'Dan: Balespider
    Kerrigan: Azure Cheerledear
    Leoric (don't have him): God-King
    Li-Ming: Star Princess
    Medivh (don't have him): Knight Owl
    Murky (don't have him): Spring Bunny, Fire Batty Murky, Landwalker
    Raynor: Dominion Marshal (looks cool, got it twice, second got converted)
    Rehgar (don't have him): Ironclaw
    Rexxar (don't have him): Frostlord
    Sgt. Hammer: Sgt. Doomhammer
    Sonja (don't have her): Valorous, Viridian Super Sonja (ugly)
    Stitches: King
    Sylvanas: Ranger-General
    Valla: Ordermaster
    Zarya: High Gravity
    • Banners
    Amber Tauren
    Teal Night Elf
    • Mounts
    Ringmaster's Pride
    Amani War Bear
    Armored War Steed
    Tan Horse
    Star Chariot
    • Special
    Sonja announcer
    1-day stimpack
    • Other
    Some portraits, some sprays (cute ones), lots of voice lines and some emojis

    Veteran Chest (2):
    • Skins
    Shadow Mystic Kingdom Arthas (legendary), Toxic Prime Evil Diablo (legendary), Prisoner Tychus, Sinlord Azmodan
    • Mounts
    Saddled Battle Beast mount

    Well, I'm happy with what I received for doing nothing but playing the game from time to time over the past two years. Surprising how many skins there were in these loot packs, also surprised how often I had 2 epic items inside an epic chest. Overall, it's lovely.

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    I got the Zerg Pajamathur skin, which is pretty cute, although I never play him.
    Other stuff was nothing spectacular, although I got the Brightwing announcer. :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by josykay View Post
    I got the Zerg Pyjamamtur skin, which is pretty cute, although I never play him.
    Other stuff was nothing spectacular, although I got the Brightwing announcer. :P
    im super jealous! i got the Tassadar and 2x sonya annoncers

    Tasadar is pretty cool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by breadisfunny View Post
    i got 1 hero chromie. one mount. a bunch of skins for heroes i don't and never will own. a bunch of useless crap. and one skin for valeera i was kind of on the fence about.
    and 160 shards. i hate this new loot system so very much. as i can only craft one skin out of the dozen or so i want. i guess i'll just go get some gems and buy those skins.....oh wait they removed that option. i got a very special emoji for blizzard involving my hand and one of my five fingers.
    lol....this is some try hard trolling here.

    but in case you are a moron...

    every time you get 1 level you get a loot box...

    that loot box can obtain one of the dozen skins you want...or you start getting duplicates and build up those shards....which gets more common the more crap you own. Before i started forging stuff last night i had almost 5000 shards.

    I had 6 veteran boxes...55 epic boxes....i then wanted to test out the gem i used wow gold and bought 5500 gems...(400k wow gold)....

    which gave me enough to buy another 50ish boxes plus the new hero/skin bundle.

    I have every hero and have at least 1 amazing skin for each hero, that is on top of a nice collection of mounts.

    but i'll be honest...fuck the emojji garabge...turn off game chat because of this.
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    Loot of note that I've wanted/been surprised about:
    Mad Martian Gazlowe. Super happy that I now have it without having to pay
    Wolverine Kharazim!
    2x 1-day stimpacks xD
    Daelaam Artanis! Been wanting that ever since I knew it was coming
    Marshal Raynor, he's been on my short-list for a while
    Varian "master skin"

    Legendary count from epic packs:
    Judgment Charger
    Azmodunk AND Maraudin' Muradin, from the same epic pack!!! *swoon*
    Monkey King Samuro!

    And from my veteran packs:
    Ghost Illidan skin
    Cyber Ram mount
    Valeera - duplicate
    Judgment Uther - duplicate
    Queen of Ghosts Kerrigan
    Neon Spectre Illidan
    Infested Tychus
    Neon Spectra Illidan (again) and Demonic Hellsteed in the same pack!
    Abathur announcer!

    I'm pretty satisfied with my haul! So much value for free.

    Never forget <3

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    decided to buy 12 common chests for 1000 gems

    Jade nimbus cloud mount
    Cyborghawk Kael'thas

    falstad announcer
    demon hunter valeera
    widowmaker nova
    cloud serpent mount
    shogun artanis

    others i like
    zerg banner

    not bad i guess
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    Beyond the 1% barrier.
    2 Veteren, 20 epic and a bunch of common.

    Notable victories:
    Grunty skin
    Cowboy Raynor and Valla
    Dark Angel Valla
    Space Marine Uther
    Alarak (Who I had just unlocked in the mega bundle )
    Samurai Artanis
    Fel Queen Chromie
    Tiger Kharazim
    Dragon Kharazim
    Ninja Lili
    Love Doctor Morales
    Frozen Malfurion
    Kandy King Muradin
    Frozen Rexxar
    Fel Samuro
    Dreambreaker Thrall
    Amani Warbear
    a bunch of the pennant mounts.
    Assorted Splashes, banners, emotes and nonsense I don't even know how to use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thevoicefromwithin View Post
    Got around 60 chests overall, 17 so far opened, all results before rerolls.
    6 loot chest: 14C, 5R, 3E, 2L
    10 epic chests: 21C, 8R, 11E
    1 Tassadar chest: 4C

    The two legendaries were Infested Tychus (meh) and Demonic Tyrael (yay). Among the epics two Nova skins (shoot me now), Magenta Shadowpaw Li Li and a Felsaber Mount. 750 shards for duplicates.
    Rest of my haul was not as good as the start in the morning. Four more Legendaries, but two of them Azmodunk duplicates and two Queen of Ghost Kerrigans. Even more Nova skins, three skins for Johanna, Ming and Butcher each. Possibly should have rerolled more often.

    Highlights were a Cyber Wolf Mount, two Oni Genji skins and a Midget Stripper Chromie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thevoicefromwithin View Post
    Midget Stripper Chromie
    That's it. I'm never calling that skin anything else.
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    Garnet heart stone

    Diablo 3 skin!
    Cheerleader Kerrigan!

    azure Glam ETC
    vengful Oni skin
    magical star princess
    Hearty love bug
    emerald monarch skin
    draenor hellhammer thrall
    druid of the flame mal
    crimson crypt king tassadar
    fell-iron diablo
    spinstream turbo tracer
    betrayer mal
    deadly and wild demon hunter valeera
    pink explorer li li
    pajama party vik
    crimson lionheart varian
    violet tiger kharizim
    archangel diablo
    lovely archon li ming
    spellbreaker and kaldorei spellbreaker johanna
    ascendant probius prime
    toxic custom rig tychus
    quartz high gravity zarya
    ara executer zaratul
    merciful Lt. morales
    Amber widowmaker skin
    silithus underking anubarak
    Spring Sakura Auriel
    Taldarim and exiled zerg hunter zeratul
    hierarch artanis
    Grassy deputy valla
    citrine knight owl medivh
    pack leader dehaka
    warmatron cassia
    ironclaw rehgar
    heavanly grunty murky
    Marshal Raynor
    kaldir zagara

    stitches announcer
    ETC announcer

    highlighted is the look i am PARTICULARLY happy to have got!

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    Got many Zarya skins, few mounts, 2 heroes Probius and Lucio(Which I already Owned) Some good skins over spent 10k on rerolls overall Im pretty Happy
    Thank god this game isn't just for Rym, we'd have a pretty shitty time - Me

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    I wish I remembered to order by rarity / to write down how many boxes i got, ah well. A good haul, to be sure!

    shogun artanis
    sinlord azmodan
    magenta monarch brightwing
    crimson fel queen chromie
    platinum glam metal ETC
    seafoam buccaneer falstad
    clown big top gazlowe
    iron spellbreaker johanna
    cheerleader kerrigan
    star princess li-ming
    merciful lt. morales
    enchanted sentinel lunara
    frostborn magni muradin
    dark iron magni muradin
    widowmaker nova
    flame sulfuron ragnaros
    riptide rehgar
    hellblade samuro
    pallid burning blade samuro
    shadow sgt. doomhammer
    crypt king tassadar
    ashen hellhammer thrall
    seraphim tyrael
    fervent love goddess tyrande
    mahogany blood elf tyrande
    river lumberjack uther
    rosy deputy valla
    deadly demon hunter valeera
    azure lo'gosh varian
    turquoise serpent king xul
    toxic insectoid zagara
    zerg hunter zeratul
    executor zeratul
    emberlord zul'jin

    old marshal's outrider
    shadowmoon hellboar
    crimson ringmaster's pride
    savage butcher's beast
    teal saddled battle beast
    2017 championship banner
    verdant magic carpet
    thunder star chariot

    1 month 7 days worth of stimpack

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    Best thing I got was probably genji. I thought that might have been an automatic gift as a promo thing but looking through what you guys got it seems not.
    Also got one of the colours for grunty murky

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    I didnt own Nova pre Lewdchest-opening because I just despise her:
    25min later

    Blizz pls

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