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    Alarak for sure, although i dont know if id use it over gazlowe, i just love his lines
    It's okay just run back to your corpse and OH MY GOD ITS GONE!

    Also in future, Khadgar could be interesting

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    Cho'gall and Sylvanas... Until then Li Li is love.
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    Junkrat would be fun. Some zany Aussie commentary. I think he would be a good choice as the next OW hero too (as a specialist).

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    Alarak and Li Ming

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    the adjutant would be neat as a general announcer

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    Alarak, Leoric, Jaina, Kael'thas, Li-ming

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    Gimme Azmo
    This world can have but one emperor!

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    Never really thought about it, but Leoric would be great and hilarious. Every other line would be about traitors or something.

    "An ally has betrayed us, and left the battle!"

    "Our core is under attack? Conspiracy!"

    and so on.
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    Leoric, i love his voice!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryme View Post
    John De Lancie please, in any character.
    Yes, Alarak announcer. I love me some snark.

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    Seriously no one wants Xul/D2 Necro? Love his voice.
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