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    Jhorn the Mad and Thoktar Ironskull. They may not be playable in HOTS, but I think they'd make colorful commentary.
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    Holy fuck. If we banned everyone that simply posted for attention-whoring purposes half the site would go dark.

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    I actually would like to have a Khadgar announcer spouting things like: Great, you got a kill. Now get 4986 more!
    and puns, oh the puns! -kill on jaina- "Now YOU can chill out!" -kill against Kael'thas- "NO, YOU are fired!"

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    Chogall might be fun, if it were both heads at once.
    And yeah, Tyrael and Jaina as well.
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    Chogall might be fun, if it were both heads at once.
    I adore this idea. Like some sort of Statler and Waldorf announcer.

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    I'd take a Ragnaros announcer

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    Cho'Gall and Ragnaros are great ideas. Personally, I have my Brightwing announcer, so I can die happy.

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    I'd take a Ragnaros announcer

    It never dawned on me to have Cho and Gall as co-announcers. I concur that it would make for a fresh and entertaining choice.

    Also, with Kel'thuzad coming out as the next hero, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for him to be an annoucer. He has always had a cool voice.

    - - - Updated - - -

    So, Kel'thuzad indeed is an upcoming announcer. Here are his quotes:

    Also, as a bonus, we have Jaina as an announcer:

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