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    btw idk if yo uguys know but the ring has been changed
    for demo locks it now gives grimoire synergy
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    Well, proc rate of new legendary chest for affliction need to go up, otherwise leg is useless. Or they need to prolong buff duration if proc rate is that low, currently on ptr this is bad legendary. Also I'm not sure about how it interacts with soul harvest talent. Will it override it or stack?
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    Seems the rings will drop just like any legendary does now just posted on Twitter

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    Quote Originally Posted by purebalance View Post
    I find it hard to believe that you can put a single line for these legendaries as they change your talents around. The first question still is: Do they stack with the talent or not? If so then there's 3 different talent combos to worry about as stacking may be more or less dps and then add in the fact that even if they don't stack, you have 2 other talents to consider.
    Regardless of which talent setup you run, it isnt going to make up the 50k or so dps difference.

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