Hello, I have been tanking for longer than I would care to admit, on some pretty competitive levels in the past. I came to this expansion a little late but I'm 7/10M presently on both my Brewmaster Monk and my Blood Death Knight. I also have a paladin and warrior tank. I'm looking for a guild that is as progressed, or almost, as I am and ideally doesn't raid Thursdays. I can't make every other Thursday due to a previous engagement that cannot be moved.

I'm pretty laid back, I don't mind a lot of wiping and I don't usually make the same mistake twice. I'm 29, married with a kid, so would prefer an older crowd and I am Horde, though I would consider a faction change / Server Transfer if the fit is right. I would prefer to tank on my warrior, death knight, or paladin. I have not been impressed with the Brewmaster changes in Legion and after playing on the PTR, I care even less for the new changes to the class.

I would be happy to respond to in game messages, my battle tag is Legacy#12848. Most of my logs are from my monk Laolang on Zul'jin.