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    Who is your favorite Overwatch streamer?

    For me it's gotta be Thedissrapper.

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    DSPstanky no contest. Love watching him play and he has such a positive attitude.
    We fly? I don't buy.

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    Timthetatman or moonmoon_ow (Might have misspelled either name lol). Both streams are for the most part non toxic with fantastic game play. Seagull is also pretty good but not alwasy around to catch his streams

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    For me it would be 'Lassiz'. He is really good at his work, as he is a perfect entertainer since his execution is really helpful and entertaining, plus he is a good gamer as well!
    - says Ralph

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    Great personality and he's also educative albeit on purpose or not.


    Also Loserfruit for...scientific reasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dutchbrownie View Post

    Great personality and he's also educative albeit on purpose or not.
    I didn't expect to enjoy watching Seagull's stream but was surprised.
    We fly? I don't buy.

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    Moonmoon and Tim, both are pretty funny and playing really well. Seagull too but he is rarely streaming.

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    TimTheTatman and Loserfruit.

    For those not familiar with her shit:

    Quote Originally Posted by FrankLampard
    Better watch out United.
    West Brom are creeping up on you.

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    But that fuckboy streams like once a month. This is a poor value for my subscription dollars.
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