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    Horde [H] 903BM Hunter NH10/10HC, LF an active raiding guild.

    Due to current guild throwing in the towel for this patch due to irl/school stuff, I am now looking for a more serious guild progressing into NH mythic from a NH HC farm schedule.

    Current NH HC logs: Heroic
    Prenamechange NH N logs: Normal

    Preference: 8PM PST on week days or any time during weekends. (Did Fri/Sat till guild died out)

    Past mythic raid experience would be HFC5/13M in WoD pre'nerf as a Aff. Warlock.
    Hunter: Kulspruta
    Logs pre'namechange:Nighthold
    Do not approach bears. Guard your food at all times.

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    Hey Kulspruta!

    Guild: Hi Five
    Progression: 7/10 M, progressing on M Star Augur
    Server Group: Deathwing / Kalecgos / Executus / Shattered Halls
    Type:Semi-casual raiding guild
    Atmosphere: Mature
    Raid Schedule:
    Tuesday 7-10 PM PST
    Sunday 5-9 PM PST

    We are in current need of ranged dps to join our core roster!

    Hit me up BenBruser#1755 in game if you would like to talk more or shoot me a reply here in this thread

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    Hey Kulspruta,

    My guild just did a move from Akama to Mal'Ganis to fill in additional spots to push Mythic and prep up for ToS. We are currently 10/10H with old and new guild. We raid Fri-Sat currently from 10-1 ET (7PM-10PM your time). More than welcome to come run this week and see if its a fit for ya. Hit me up if you have any questions. Btag is XzistencE #1970


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