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    I don't believe in any of these hotfixes.

    Could be it was applied today for EU, but yesterday I landed ever so nicely in Azsuna after going to Broken Shore and disconnecting.

    Not that I really mind much, just a part of the class fantasy at this point. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krasomir View Post
    we need monument of the "fallen" warrior our biggest class fantasy in legion was hotfixed
    How funny, I was about to come here and say too bad our players can't make like a grave or anything where we always fell, since it was the same spot always.

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    Nothing is fixed >.> Azsuna rock is still a thing....

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    Just got DC-ed again. Rock is still solid warrior spot

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    Fake fix. Terrible. Very bad. #makewarriorsdcagain.

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