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    Quote Originally Posted by Fummockelchen View Post
    you really missed some classes mate. (apart from mcd "food" being the worst allegory possible)
    Try it again with IE a rare baseball card.
    ad hominem - If you don't have anything to add to the discussion just stop posting.

    Blizzard should just let us post the tokens on the auction house without dictating the prices. We wouldn't have this discussion here and people wouldn't accuse Blizzard for doing some shady stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soeroah View Post
    Bloody Destiny.

    Hopefully it'll come down soon. Kinda sucks to have WoW suddenly cost more just because they decided to put a game they didn't make on the Launcher...
    Activision did, and considering they're part of the same company now, they're just capitalizing on it. Trust me, if it's successful, we will see a lot more Activision games on a redesigned launcher as they try and pull an Origin or UPlay kind of deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clozer View Post
    Blizzard should just let us post the tokens on the auction house without dictating the prices.
    At the moment, Blizzard works to protect the most the people who give them 20$ for the token, and ensure they always get a good amount of gold for their token while still getting it sold within reasonable timeframe. I imagine most people who sell token to get gold don't want to bother with wow economy intricacies (otherwise they would have gold from playing the economy game and wouldn't need to buy it), so it's a wise move to protect them from scammers, undercutting wars, wanna-be-monopolists, TSM snipers and all the stuff they didn't want to deal with in the first place so they decided to buy gold.

    For Blizzard, the most important customer is the person that buys the token for 20$, so the system is built in a way to protect them more than the people who sink gold into tokens on the other end.

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    Prices fell when the bnet balance rush came and went, hopefully it'll happen again here.
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