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    There is really no incentive besides the weekly chest. AP is shit as a reward, loot is also shit.
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    How are races equal?

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    You can't queue for them, that's my main reason. Haven't done a mythic+ for a few months now.
    Exactly this. As a DPS I'll never see a group I get invited to.
    Do I really want to spend a half hour or longer begging for groups? Hell no.

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    I fucking love mythic+ dungeons, I love to run them non stop over and over again, every dungeon is different and then the affixes change weekly.
    Ive raided for years before this type of content now I find myself over and over running them rather than raiding.

    And quite frankly high mythic dungeons are a lot more tactical and harder than any type of raiding, including mythic raiding. The only think about mythic raiding is the endurance of performing at a certain level for long period of time, but the actual tactics arent that hard to follow right.

    So Im wondering why isnt everyone spamming mythic+ dungeons a lot more, Id do it even if I was fully geared at 925. If only blizzard create a system to grind in dungeons rather than just gear would awesome, like dungeon experience points, like honor in pvp, there should be some kind of honor in pve.
    The way that I consume content is obviously better than any other way to consume content. It is a lot more difficult than the way that you consume content and is easily superior. Why don't other people do the same thing as me?
    If they're fighting it's our best chance to save them britches.

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    I had my fill of those dungeons a month or 2 after launch .Grinded up to mythic+15-17 and realized I can't ,and won't do this ,for the entire xpac, just a terrible , terrible system.Have fun looking at the "same 4 walls" same npc's with a couple new gimmicks each week , whoopee,........ boring, repetitive, grindy and crappy design. Made me realize how much other gaming I was missing out on.

    Not looking back....Legion is the worst xpac yet in systems design. Also I never complained about "nothing to do", always found something if logged into wow, and if I didn't and was not raiding I took the time to enjoy other games....I know hard concept for many to grasp, but I'm not looking back and have been enjoying myself thoroughly the last 2 months not playing Legiongrindfest .....and love to chime in sometimes to point that out.....good luck!

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    I am not a fan of dungeons, I like raiding better, the timed aspect also turns me off, so hopefully the changes next patch might make it more enjoyable for me. I did a lot of mythic+ for like the first month but now just do a +10 for weekly

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    After doing hundreds of them, it's incredibly grindy.

    There is zero fun left in grinding that's 100% work.

    The random modifiers do not add strategy or fun, it just makes them more annoying and more of a chore and a cheap way for Blizzard to say it's "different."

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