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    Alliance [A] 10/10M Eternal Kingdom's SELLSWORDS US-Proudmoore

    Sellswords, an 10/10M team in the guild Eternal Kingdom on Proudmoore is looking for a rogue, a ret and some ranged dps for NH progression and beyond. We raid MWTh 8-1130 pacific time .

    The team is over 2 years old and clears mythic content on a light raid schedule of 10.5 hours a week.

    If you want to slay internet dragons with cool people in a calm, fun but focused raid environment, add me to btag - hantevirus#1921

    Sellswords is one of several mythic teams in the guild Eternal Kingdom. The guild offers a wide variety of raiding opportunities within a large, active diverse community. We have a great team culture based on mutual respect and FUN and are looking for more raiders to come play. Sellswords is a fun, casual, yet focused raiding environment. Rage-aholics need not apply.

    You should be responsible, drama-free, mature, in control of your emotions and have experience in heroic and mythic raiding. You should have mythic experience.

    Check out the guild at eternal-kingdom.com . For additional questions, please add me to battletag.

    - Hantevirus

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    Join us for adventures through TOS this Summer!

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    SELLLSWWWOOOORRRDDDSSSSS!!!!! 10/10M still recruiting

    Rogues & ranged pls!

    (normal beginnging URL here) eternal-kingdom DOT com SLASH sellswords SLASH

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    Hope everyone in the WoW community has a wonderful holiday weekend, be safe & support the troops!

    Afterwards.. get ready to kick it with SELLSWORDS - part of Eternal Kingdom's finest!

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