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    In my experience it is a lot easier to get into a guild as a dps than as a tank or healer.
    Indeed - for raiding, but a lot harder to get an M+ run for the same reason.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Speedlance View Post

    I recently took a 6 month break from wow because I got hooked a bit on Overwatch, and I wanted to play a little d3, so I kinda let wow go for a bit.
    I've since returned to wow, in a more casual way, but I'd still like to do things in game with involves raids or higher tier mythic dungeons.

    I understand the path of progression and I shouldn't expect to raid mythic guldan as soon as I rejoined the game.
    But when I find myself struggling to get into regular mythic groups, it discourages me into even try to ask for groups for mythic+ or raids.
    I see stuff like "900+ for mythic+ 6", which is very insane. I understand the speed element of mythic+, but come on, the same goes for normal nighthold btw, 900+?
    I remember a post from a blizzard employee about the wq rewards and it should give you ilvl enough do nighthold normal.

    Is 882 ilvl with 38 artifact traits really not good enough for mythic +6, nighthold normal and regular mythics?
    Am I just another lower ilvl DPS in a unlimited pool of 900+ super experienced dpsers?

    I understand that this is player set rules and people decide exactly what they want for their raids but don't you remove 95% of the playerbase by having such restrictions?
    If anyone has any tips on how to get into groups for this (I've tried starting my own but nobody joins or I never get tanks/healers).
    QQ post

    stop openig this kind of trash

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