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    getting a coffee
    cold showers generally do the trick.

    or icy beverages.
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    I live in WA state. Most places here don't even have AC :P

    We just open our windows during the summer, and if it gets particularly hot... I put a box fan in the window on the shady part of our house to take in air, and another on the sunny part to blow it out. Pretty much just keep the air moving in.

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    Wet t-shirt plus ordinary desk fan works very well

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    Quote Originally Posted by xindralol View Post
    Doesn't a cold shower make the environment feel even warmer? It feels good while you take the shower but awful after?
    Its more about washing the sweat off and resetting my body temperature. You really notice the temperature drop immediately, but the eventual rise comes on more slowly. (except in humid weather, which @!#$ing sucks.)

    And being damp helps to transfer the heat off your body while it lasts too.

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    open the windows to get good airflow in the house.

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    pfft...opening the windows means the heat blows in...

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    Windows and dancing naked under the pale moonlight to have the God of Pleasent Breezes grant me his blessings.

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    Yeah...a cool night breeze caressing my loins ever so gently gets me cool enough to sleep...

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    I live in the South, if someone told me they didn't have AC I would just be confused.... I mean it's just such an odd concept to not have one..... having a small window unit would be little better since you only see those in poorer areas....
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    Fill a bucket with water, doesnt have to be super cold.

    Put feet in for 25 minutes a few times a day, profit

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