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    Yay? I like LFR, however, I don't know why someone would be counting the days that it's been available... *Shrugs*
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    Quote Originally Posted by slime View Post
    Yes, because ToV is arguably worse than ToC. Never see those "little" raids anymore.
    Quality aside (IMHO ToV > ToC), ToV was a small patch release within a tier, ToC was a Tier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Accendor View Post
    Would be better for the game if it got removed tho
    I know what you mean exaclty but its 2017 bruh, people aint got time for 2006 world of warcraft mmo no more.
    And hey look I just tipped u with a golden hint

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    Quote Originally Posted by FunctionalSTR View Post
    Game designers: We need a function to allow players of all experiences and availability to have access to our content!

    - implements LFR -

    Veteran players: gg blizz, ruined the game, catering to casuals
    Current "hardcore" players: gg blizz, making game easier, catering to casuals
    Casual players: gg blizz, dumbing game down, catering to casuals

    Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
    Except the game was doing fine and thriving without it, so basically damned because you did.

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    Subs have increased since LFR was introduced! Oh wait...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoKPaNda View Post
    Sort of. You can drive people away from LFR by making the rewards shitty like with WoD, but that didn't push people into raiding. You can't increase the raid rewards to make more people raid, because the activity itself is unrewarding. A good example of this is Heroic raiding, it's pretty faceroll in the grand scheme of things, and the rewards are fantastic, and yet people aren't flocking to it or even to normal. Nothing that Blizzard ever does is going to get people to go from LFR hero to organized raider. Even if they removed LFR tomorrow, or they went back to the WoD philosophy of garbage trinkets and no tier, those players wouldn't suddenly start raiding. They'd just stop playing.
    That's not really what I was trying to capture here. Not a driving of people away certainly. More the question of is the content inherently engaging to people, or are they doing it solely for a reward. You can get people to do content that they don't like if you slap a big enough reward on it. It's not a question of whether people would do heroic raiding or whatnot, that's actually pretty irrelevant. The question Blizzard will be looking at is are people enjoying the time they're spending doing the content that they're doing, because that's what leads to people sticking around. If they put something in that has 100% participation, but nobody enjoys it then that's not the sort of content that's likely to lead to people sticking around. I'm not saying that's what was happening with LFR, because there are clearly plenty of people who enjoy it. What I think they wanted to find out is how many were doing it because they enjoyed it and how many due to the rewards.
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    Storytelling's picked up since LFR was introduced, probably because everyone can actually see the end of major storylines now. And I wouldn't have it any other way, tbh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iNUKE View Post
    I know what you mean exaclty but its 2017 bruh, people aint got time for 2006 world of warcraft mmo no more.
    And hey look I just tipped u with a golden hint
    if they removed lfr it wouldn't go back to 2006 WoW still. raiding is now accessible to anyone and, in my opinion, LFR is redundant. the premade group finder, flexible raid sizes, varying difficulties and cross-realm raiding all go a long way to making raiding easier than ever to get into. as someone who plays on an extremely low-pop realm, in a guild with essentially one other active member, i was able to achieve aotc casually raiding.
    normal and heroic should be the new "casual" raiding system. i haven't honestly done LFR for any reason other than free defiled augment runes on my alts this entire expansion, and with mythic+ dungeons and titanforging there is no problem with getting gear for normal/heroic raiding. LFR is, in my humble opinion, completely redundant and pointless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamuimac View Post
    more like 500-1000 posters posting the same boring shit over and over on 2 sites thinking blizzard cares about their opinion

    hint- they dont give even a single f.... because what speaks to them is 1 number - participation in X content - and lfr has amazing paritcipation better then all other modes together.

    so its will be here till the moment raids will be removed from game - aka never.
    Shipyard had amazing participation too

    but we all know how that really was
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    Quote Originally Posted by rhorle View Post

    Including the 20th in the calculations skews it because the 20th is not over yet and wouldnt be a day. Clicking end day on the calculator you used adds 1 to any total.
    You include the 20th because its the day of, just as every Christmas calendar includes Christmas within the 25 days, the 2000th day is included.

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    Happy birthday LFR!!

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    LFR is shit and should be removed. No need to celebrate an arbitrary time point of when it was released.

    Shit is still shit no matter what time its been sitting there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    LFR is shit and should be removed. No need to celebrate an arbitrary time point of when it was released.

    Shit is still shit no matter what time its been sitting there.
    I love lfr, how is it shit if I love it??
    Or is that just ur opinion?

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    LFR is great, dont like it, dont do it

    I dont pvp, but i dont want pvp removed from the game
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    Without LFR WoW would have ended up like Wildstar.

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