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    Quote Originally Posted by MendUS View Post
    I have never said their concerns weren't meaningful, interesting, or relevant. I've said the opposite... I've said several times I had the same requests months ago, but have since taken a stance to rather have DS reworked to be a better talent choice, rather than adding in a new spell.

    I'm pretty sure you're quoting only certain bits of what I say and not reading the rest... I'd recommend to read over what I've said again. I'm not against having a better AoE option, I'm not even against having a new spell, I'm just being realistic here and trying to explain why Blizzard will probably not add a new spell in, rather update an existing one.
    In that case sorry for misinterpreting your post where you took over for Supliftz where it seemed like you supported his argument that our discussion was pointless because he deemed the content that according to him would be the only place where it would see any use "irrelevant" and "not interesting".
    And that was pretty much his only argument, he refused to engage in any discussion about any other points that were made.
    You took his side so I took that to mean you agreed with his opinion and I'm pretty sure you called it "not relevant" yourself, but I can go back and check your post.

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    One (imo) fix for this lack of aoe is to bring back the shadow-version of Divine Star. (lets call it "Dark Star" since i cant remember its name) and have the talent give us both.

    Let the Dark Star do dmg=smite to all target it hits, and proc atone as now (only first hit), making it not be worthless to cast compared to smite.
    Basicly you trade the absorb-debuff for more dmg.

    Let the Divine Star do healing to all it hits, with no atonement interraction.
    (Yes, pure healing is not fitting disc, but just as a choise between "do i use shadow/holy-magic".
    Maybe just let it heal abit more than Dark Star but nothing else` DS*1.5 -2 ??)

    And let the two stars share CD (think old shammy, frost, flame , earth-shock. You can use them all but only one at a time).

    Note: havnt thought about any lenght on CD's, only that both should share CD. The healing one might have a waaay longer (5-7-10 times?) CD then the dps one? so dps 2s => healing 10-20s , dps 3s => healing 15-30s.

    I'd rather have it just go out and not bounce as now.
    And disc need more shadowspells. Considering we are supposed to be at the edge of dark and light, we do use alot more holy spells atm.
    If this is too cluttering from a "numbers of spells" point of view then just giving us the Dark Star might be enough.

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