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    What's The Most Fun Spec to Play?

    Between Fire, Frost, and Arcane, which is your favorite spec to play and why?

    I only have good experience with Fire. I used to play Frost at the beginning of the expansion back when you could get 2 RoFs in the same IV if you played well and had the right setup, but that got taken away and I've been playing Fire ever since. I dig Fire more because, while it's a simple rotation, it's fast and reactive.

    I've tried to like Arcane but I can't. I suck at the rotation, it feels awkward to me for some reason, and I think spamming AE and then barraging rinse repeat for AOE is the least fun thing ever. But maybe that's just me.

    What about you guys?

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    I really enjoy Arcane.

    Most classes either hit their buttons on cooldown or in a preset order that rarely changes. Especially when you're not running kilt you have to plan ahead as arcane and your proc is also your damage while moving so you have to think about what's coming in the encounter in the next 20 seconds. It's what I like about arcane.

    Arcane explosion is nice because you can dps while jumping around in circles and you actually do good damage when aoeing.

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    The most fun for me is Fire, but it's just pointless to play at the moment. I just switched from Frost to Arcane because Frost was feeling really boring, I like that you actually have to think and plan ahead for Arcane.

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    i find fire the most fun because of the sheer destruction animation-wise. but i also enjoy actually doing damage, so im playing frost.

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    Current iteration of frost might be one of the most boring speccs Ive played in wow. So for tomb idk what the h'll Im gonna do. Rerolling is out of the question so this might be it for me FeelsMonkasMan

    Öh, ontopic I guess its fire even tho i lack belt and gloves lol.
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    if you don't care about numbers, i think fire is probably the best spec for fun.

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    I've always preferred Arcane and Fire. Frost is just so bland and boring IMO.

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    I think the reason I disliked Arcane so much was it plays so different to the other two specs which is more reactive. You're right, you need to plan ahead for those AP windows, and I didn't play it enough to get a good grasp on it. Maybe it will be more fun when I don't suck!

    It's crazy to think how much Blizzard has changed the playstyle of Frost since EN. It went from most to least fun spec for me.

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    Frost, there is just no debate in my mind. Unparalleled freedom of movement, great utility, overall fun rotation make frost the winner hands down for me.

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    Compared to WoD, none of them is fun to play.

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    Fire because the visuals are awesome

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    Fire is great visually but I enjoy the control Frost has.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kheath812 View Post
    i find fire the most fun because of the sheer destruction animation-wise. but i also enjoy actually doing damage, so im playing frost.
    best quote describing the current situation.

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    GS frost. I love a huge crit.

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