Hello, I'm tryin to come up with a way to manipulate these frames depending on what I'm doing. These are the frames that show the score at the top of the screen and the time remaining in the battlegrounds as well as the players remaining and time remaining in arenas. I can move them, scale them down, hide them, and all that with MoveAnything just fine but it's only acceptable in certain settings. I want to hide them in arena because I don't need the information in arena and want to clear up that part of my screen as small as it may be, but I still want to see the score of a battleground there and time remaining when I'm in a battleground. Maybe I could do something with MoveAnything profiles to make this work cleanly? Any and all ideas/suggestions are welcomed. The most ideal scenario would be the AlwaysUp Frame1, AlwaysUp Frame2, and AlwaysUp Frame3 changing depending on if I'm in a BG or in an arena and a nice bonus depending on which I'm in as well.