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    Thanks for the info. I will probably just get the pro. I am on the fence about a 4k TV but I am still on that fence so I would like the option should I lean that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EyelessCrow View Post
    Thanks for the info. I will probably just get the pro. I am on the fence about a 4k TV but I am still on that fence so I would like the option should I lean that way.
    Ya they are getting cheaper, I considered getting myself one as well.

    Not all games will run native 4k but many run 1440p+ and some with checkerboarding look dam near 4K native.
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    If money isn't a major issue, I'd suggest the PS4 Pro. It's the top tier PS4 version atm and gives the option for making 1080p games look better/play at higher framerates or playing games at 4K if you have a 4K TV or monitor (although a lot of games don't do actual native 4K.....Sony uses tricks and post processing techniques to make it appear 4K or as close to 4K as possible). It basically allows you to play games at the best settings available for PS owners. All of this is reliant on the developers actually making their games take advantage of this though.

    As far as getting a 4K TV, if you live in the US, keep an eye on Labor Day sales and of course, Black Friday sales. As the year goes on, the current year's TV models get cheaper, with dips in their price around Labor Day and Black Friday. Also, if you're willing to wait even longer, you can usually get higher end TVs the cheapest around February/March/April because stores are trying to get rid of the previous year's models to make room for the new models coming into stock. I know this past year, you could get a really nice 4K Samsung TV (KS8000 series) for under $1000 around April because they were trying to get rid of that stock to make way for their new MU8000 series. The KS8000 series were regarded to be one of the best mid-upper range 4K TVs to date. So getting one for under $1000 was a VERY good deal.
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    I'd go with the PS4 pro just for the reduced fan noise (no idea how loud/quiet the slim is though).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jester Joe View Post
    I'm not 100% sure on the strength compared to the Xbox One X, but I believe the Xbox One X comes out on top? Honestly, I'd just go for the PS4 if I were you, and skip the Pro.
    Yea, the XOX is quite a bit more powerful than the Pro. I agree, just get a cheap PS4 and save your money for a Switch or more games.

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    PS4 pro is just a slightly better PS4, not really mandatory but if you want it the options there. I would say an external HDD is pretty mandatory, with PS+ dropping 4 games a month on you along with a lot few steam tier sales the games rack up fast and i've got 133 on a seperate 1tb HDD and via a usb port its fine with no loading difference at all.

    Games wise i could recommend, though tastes differ:
    Bloodborne: Obviously, its lacking in build variety and pvp but in terms of worldbuilding, set design and story its easily the best souls game. But go in as blind as possible there is shit you dont want spoiled
    Scholar of the First Sin: if you never tried it on pc its DS2 master quest and vastly superior to both DS2 and DS3 in almost every regard. A well balanced, far more challenging but fair balance of everything dark souls does right that was sadly overlooked by most because DS2 was not the sequel most wanted
    Devil May Cry 4 special edition: if you liked recent pc releases like vanquish or bayonetta this is an absolute must, the last gasp of pre RE5 capcom before Inafune fell for the "japans game market is dying" media blitz MS and EA funded in '07 and told capcom they needed 'to design for the west' and their games lost their original appeal and almost lead to company bankruptcy
    Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: basically digimon persona.
    Digimon World Next Order: the direct sequel to the original ps1 game that takes it back to being a free roam monster raising rpg
    Dragon quest builders: its minecraft and Dragon Warrior/Quest mixed together and really, really fun
    Everybodys gone to the rapture: if you enjoy a walking simulator now and then its a gorgeous sci fi tragedy worth looking into over more small scale ones
    FF7: everybodys probably played this on some other platform but if not the HD pc rerelease was put on PS4 like 2 years ago with fast forward which helps for grinding
    FFXIV: the mmo a lot of folks i know quit wow for, not everyones cup of tea but in terms of console mmos -a growing genre of sorts- its easily the best in terms of content, userbase and quality
    Flower: a HD rerelease of an early PS3 indie game that is simple but really enjoyable if its your type of game
    Forbidden Siren: a HD rerelease of a PS2 game that was really overlooked in its day. By the original creator of silent hill its a horror game that looks like a grainy 80's j horror where bloody rain is turning everyone into psychotic 'shibito' and you play weak characters that survive using stealth and 'sightjacking', plays almost like a puzzle stealth game really.
    God Eater 2+resurrection: A lower budget monster hunter clone set in a post apocalyptic japan where the monsters are alien life thats fused machines and organics together and you get the first game from the vita with the second. smaller monster variety than monhun but the artstyle and setting kept my interest
    Gravity Rush/Daze remastered: A charming steampunkish platformer where you change gravity to any direction on a whim to explore a sandbox industrial floating city
    Horizon Zero Dawn: Basically a really beautiful open world action rpg where mankind are now savages in a world filled with the ruins of our world and swarming with animalistic robots and you explore the mystery of what lead to this, not gods gift to games some fanboy die hards say it is online but its worth looking into
    inFamous second sun: a launch title from the 'not x men' series where you explore sandboxes with superpowers. For a launch title its super cheap and pretty fun
    Jojos Bizarre Adventure - Eyes of Heaven: a canon story written by hirohiko araki that ties up a lot of loose ends of jojos bizarre adventure while showing some love to later parts like steelball run (the best part) and jojolion while being a fun brawler in its own right. not for everyone but for a jojo fan a must buy
    Journey: easily the best indie game i've played, you are a scrafed wrapped wanderer in a desert who walks to a mountain in the distance but the execution is gorgeous and the soundtrack is incredible
    Let it Die: Its dark souls meets no more heros meets 80's horror movies. A free to play, unforgiving game where you make a stream of disposable meat puppet characters to level up and gain blueprints to craft items to try and climb the tower of barbs, expect to die a lot but have fun with it
    MGSV: unfinished but the minute to minute gameplay is excellent and worth picking up if the pc version wasnt on your radar
    Metro Redux: Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light remade for modern hardware. Not as good as the books but a world that puts fallout to shame with its world building and series take on the nuclear winter scenario.
    Momodora: reverie under moonlight: its basically a side scrolling bloodborne without the eye bleeding artstyle of salt and sanctuary
    Mordheim city of the damned: a turn based strategy rpg set in warhammers city of the damned
    Murdered soul Suspect: a middle of the road release but its always dirt cheap around halloween and its about a dead cop exploring Salem on halloween to solve his and a bunch of other murders, fun if you liked games like ghost hunter
    Nier Automata: sequel to the PS3 game Nier, its not for everyone but its the best feelsad game of the generation and if you like platinum games you will like this even if you never played gestalt, you really should though
    Night in the woods: 2d stylised adventure game about a young girl who drops out of college to return to her sleepy boom town gone bust as wierd shit starts to go down, story kind of falls apart but everything else is fantastic
    Nioh: onimusha meets dark souls, does its own thing instead of just being a clone and very very satisfying to git gud at
    No mans sk- AHAHAHAHAA no just kidding
    Overwatch: runs great on PS4, if you didnt play it on pc the ps4 version is great but being controller based over keyboard and mouse the hero use and dynamic is very different
    Paladins: f2p arena mobashooter thats veeeeery fast compared to the competitions playstyles
    Persona 5: the best jrpg this generation. no question.
    REmake HD: a retelling of the original Resident Evil with amazing graphics and atmosphere with a haunting soundtrack, again always on sale near halloween
    Shovel Knight: its megaman if megaman wasnt creatively dead
    Smite: if you like mobas heres another of that style and out of infinite beta
    SOMA: horror stealth walking sim based on the philosophical zombie trope. not that scary but the world it builds keeps you interested till the end
    stardew valley: the best farming game since harvest moon died, with multiplayer coming soon, cannot recommend it enough
    submerged: a fun but simple open sea sailing game set in the ruins of a far future where the world flooded and man became savages, you play a girl looking for old medical supplise to aid her sick brother as something is stalking you through the ruins of this long dead, flooded city. A little wind waker, a little prince of persia but worth its usually 3 quid or less sale price
    tearaway unfolded: creative platformer from the little big planet team
    The Final Station: side scrolling zombie apocalypse game where you are a train driver going between stops to rescue people and explore with a overarching plot about 'the visitors that came 30 years ago'
    The Flame in the Flood: easily my favourite survival game, described as a 'southern gothic' with a great soundtrack by chuck ragan you play a girl stranded at a dilapidated summer camp after a huge environmental disaster, your radio picks up a signal down river so you jump on a raft and ride down a huge, procedurally generated river with islets of former towns, shops, churches, camps and wilderness on the way you stop to get supplies, craft, fight wolves and bears and trap rabbits and boars and survive river rapids and storms and debris with a charming art style and southern flavour you dont seen in games pretty much ever and i really love it
    The last guardian: the 3rd in the ico trilogy that works backwards chronologically, you team up with a huge baby monster to escape a giant ruin while setting up the events of shadow of the colossus, which is coming out with a total remake for PS4 next year
    THE SURGE: its sci fi dark souls, you go in to start your new exo suit using job at a zuckerburg save the world facility and a surge makes everything go haywire, including everyone else bonded surgically into their exo suits. Its a bit short and simple but its dark souls tier short cut porn in a fun world that doesnt overstay its welcome or get grindy
    The Witness: jonathan blows braid follow up is an open island puzzle panel solving exploration game, without a guide will take you ages to finish
    Titanfall 2: the best first person shooter this gen with no origin bullshit, season passes, power granting dlc or microtransactions at all. just an excellent campaign comparable to halo CE or Half Life 2 and the most fun multiplayer you can have in a FPS game without overwatch style superpowers. You pilot mechs, wall run, bunnyhop and go sanic speed, and unlike the origin only pc version its not dead
    The division: very hit or miss but 3rd person shooter diablo with ubishit map filling busywork, but ideas like the dark zone make it enjoyable for a while at least
    Toukiden 2: another monhun clone with a new f2p client so as long as a retail player opens his game you can jump in and progress like normal, costs nothing to try
    transformers devastation: platinum games transformers G1 game, enough said
    Wild Arms 3: one of the best PS2 jrpgs rereleased in HD for ps4, if you missed it its a must play for jrpg fans, its actually a wild west jrpg including fights on horseback and ammo management for your arms. One for the weebs that like back to the future part 3
    Ys Origin: old school top down/semi isometric japanese action rpg where you climb a tower, get items and fight bosses. Very simple but very fun
    ZOMBI: rerelease of Zombi U on PS4, a fun first person survival game set in a zombie outbreak in london, lots of heart and charm put into what was reviewed on wii u as a gimmick game, totally worth playing.

    Thats just a 'few' of my purchases on PS4, should be some stuff that interests you to look into.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orangetai420 View Post
    Yea, the XOX is quite a bit more powerful than the Pro. I agree, just get a cheap PS4 and save your money for a Switch or more games.
    ^ this honestly. if you want games not on a pc a PS4+Switch combo is the way to go. Pros nice but not necessary.
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