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    Help with Holy

    I'm switching from resto druid to holy paladin for tos. Im looking for some good info on what talents to take for raiding and mythic plus. (right now i only have the holy cloak and a couple of prot legos that arent all that relevant). Outside of cooldowns Im having a lot of trouble keeping mythic plus groups alive with the current affix and raiding herioc NH Im having trouble getting above 300-400k hps on my 895 paladin 898 now) my resto druid at 912 was able to do above 600k consistently and 800k on some fights, and mythic plus had become pretty easy to do highish keys (10-13 in 7.2.5). Ive watched a number if videos discussing the talents without much talk of the order of spells/rotation. Even the talents chosen were pretty varied by people that seemed to know what they were talking about. Any help appreciated.

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    I can't input much, but this past week's affixes were just terrible if you didn't have a group smart enough to stagger enemy npc kills so the stacks don't go above 3-4. I healed a pug +7 this week and some idiot demon hunter just kept pulling more. Then blamed me for all the deaths when the stacks were reaching 6-7+ and I couldn't keep up the heals. What I've noticed is it takes a lot of practice and good timing to be able to compete with AoE type healers like resto druids/shamans.

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    Use the class discord
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