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Yeah, no. That honour would go to the extended family model.

What the sociological forays into the subject seem to be demonstrating is that it's less a function of who is doing the parenting and more a function of hours invested in a child's rearing; single parents are obviously at a massive disadvantage by having to be a provider in addition to a caregiver, extended families seem to prove the best because of a ready supply of caregivers and a shared pool of providers.

Moreover, the nuclear family is becoming increasingly less viable because of the necessity of both parents to be providers, limiting the amount of hours spent giving care.
Arr well yeah extended families, that is normal of the nuclear family, their grand parents are there etc. My wife and I had our first night together without our son for the first time in 2 years as her mother offered to look after him overnight, it felt like the old times together again even though we just stayed in!

Unless you're talking more along the lines of China where the lack of welfare for elderly means 3 generations stick together in the same place but of course they have next to no external influences on damaging that family unit.