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    TOS advice on past character

    I haven't played since the end of ToV.. worth coming back for TOS? I am IL 869 currently, how long you think it would take me to get ready for it? And what should I do?

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    Do some LFR, some M+ , look for a nice guild, maybe pug a NH heroic on the last day before TOS opens up, farm shards for 890 relinquished gea on the broken shore, do WQ's to get to trait level 52 and with an Ilvl of 890, you should be good to go. Most importantly, find a guild you'll get gear in no time
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    Do you have bloods and gold stockpiled? You can get crafted gear and upgrade it to 900.

    You can farm nethershards from invasions / sentinax event / broken shore rares and buy items, cheap ones are 850ilvl+, the higher ones are 880ilvl+ (they can go higher if lucky).

    Also farm order resources to get artifact knowledge to 40, while they shortened the research for returning players from 5 days to 3,5h per scroll (yeah), you still need to pay full resource cost per, and having AK not maxed makes upgrading your artifact needlessly slow and grindy.

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