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    Crafting a tailoring legendary

    Apparently, you can loot Melandrus (CoS boss) on heroic, but Vandros must be killed on mythic for the same tailoring questline? I mean, it's not a problem getting into a mythic grp or setting it up, but while farming murlocs for the cloth on the Broken Shore (again, part of the same questline) wouldn't it make more sense to be able to queue for both heroics? Or just make both of them require mythic?
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    Mythic locks you to a week so you can't pump out multiple if ND is up more than once a week.

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    But you can. You can get it from m+ aswell

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    If those "new, crafted legendaries" push us back to TBC times when every Mage ... I would really hope so, that it's just a quest

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