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The problem with feral which largely caused the rework was that there was almost zero build deviation in the entire tree. The only thing you'd ever change was to take brutal slash very occasionally, that was it. The point of the rework was to stop jagged wounds and bloodtalons defining the entire spec since the spec should define itself, not 2 talents.
Other problems included having 2 mandatory talents in the same tier. I realise that sounds odd but as the Soul of the Archdruid legendary gives one of the mandatory talents, it becomes pretty clear.
At the same time though, feral actually has interesting talents so it was a shame not being able to pick them because of bad tier competition and poor tuning. Meanwhile ret has absolute crap talents. Plus the fact that the build is not locked in place doesn't really mean much because the two talent rows at which people do make changes don't affect the way the spec is played at all and is entirely a way to improve ST vs Cleave and AoE.