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    I've mained shadow through good times and bad since B.C. This expansion finally broke me of that. Pretty much from top-to-bottom I've disliked what they've done with the spec. I wasn't a fan of the class fantasy--my priest is a lot of things but she's not insane nor have I ever thought of her that way--and I've not cared for the class mechanics at all during legion, especially STM. When the meta around a class centers on a single spell you don't much like that's tough to get past.

    I thought the choice to go either single target versus dot damage was interesting and I'm sorry to see it watered down. I know I'm in a minority there but I've been managing dots for years now and have gotten a bit weary of it. So I'm playing a frost mage at the moment and watching the patch notes.
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    I wasn't a fan of the class fantasy--my priest is a lot of things but she's not insane nor have I ever thought of her that way
    Eh, I'm perfectly fine with it. For too long, Shadow has always felt like a second-rate Warlock, and now with Legion, the spec finally has its own unique identity as a crazy-powerful cultist worshiping old gods, instead of just..."shadow, and mind-attacks, and stuff".
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    Shadow in raids is fantastic. Decently high skill cap and rewarding in both damage and a flowing playstyle.

    In PvP it comes and goes with the numbers/talents tweaking and it has been average for most of the expansion.

    For questing it is rough. Takes 4-5 gcds to kill a mob when most classes do it in 1-2.

    In M+ we are crippled by ramp up time. The Mass Hysteria trait is what has been the cause for all our issues this expansion I swear. S2M was only op because of the interaction with MH. And starting every pull in M+ from 0 insanity 0 LI and doing 300k until we hit Vform is pathetic.

    We should not lose insanity/vform stacks/LI stacks while not in combat, imo

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    I have to say I miss the whole "shadow raven" vibe we got in WotLK and Cataclysm.
    I used the glyph that made the Shadow Orbs from back then look like Ravens swirling around me instead.

    I also enjoy the void thing we have now.
    I just think we could have both!
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    i cant stand what they have done to shadow, this whole void form is almost the exact same copy of what demonology is when u transform into a demon

    literally the majority of the shadow talents, u are cookie cuttered into using, which is just silly... so much for "unique playstyles"

    i much preferred shadow orbs, i thought it was a better system, but that is just how i feel... felt more solid overall and comboing was cool for some bursty moments

    this is coming from a long time shadow priest player in pvp
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