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    I've mained shadow through good times and bad since B.C. This expansion finally broke me of that. Pretty much from top-to-bottom I've disliked what they've done with the spec. I wasn't a fan of the class fantasy--my priest is a lot of things but she's not insane nor have I ever thought of her that way--and I've not cared for the class mechanics at all during legion, especially STM. When the meta around a class centers on a single spell you don't much like that's tough to get past.

    I thought the choice to go either single target versus dot damage was interesting and I'm sorry to see it watered down. I know I'm in a minority there but I've been managing dots for years now and have gotten a bit weary of it. So I'm playing a frost mage at the moment and watching the patch notes.
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    I wasn't a fan of the class fantasy--my priest is a lot of things but she's not insane nor have I ever thought of her that way
    Eh, I'm perfectly fine with it. For too long, Shadow has always felt like a second-rate Warlock, and now with Legion, the spec finally has its own unique identity as a crazy-powerful cultist worshiping old gods, instead of just..."shadow, and mind-attacks, and stuff".
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    Shadow in raids is fantastic. Decently high skill cap and rewarding in both damage and a flowing playstyle.

    In PvP it comes and goes with the numbers/talents tweaking and it has been average for most of the expansion.

    For questing it is rough. Takes 4-5 gcds to kill a mob when most classes do it in 1-2.

    In M+ we are crippled by ramp up time. The Mass Hysteria trait is what has been the cause for all our issues this expansion I swear. S2M was only op because of the interaction with MH. And starting every pull in M+ from 0 insanity 0 LI and doing 300k until we hit Vform is pathetic.

    We should not lose insanity/vform stacks/LI stacks while not in combat, imo

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    I have to say I miss the whole "shadow raven" vibe we got in WotLK and Cataclysm.
    I used the glyph that made the Shadow Orbs from back then look like Ravens swirling around me instead.

    I also enjoy the void thing we have now.
    I just think we could have both!
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    i cant stand what they have done to shadow, this whole void form is almost the exact same copy of what demonology is when u transform into a demon

    literally the majority of the shadow talents, u are cookie cuttered into using, which is just silly... so much for "unique playstyles"

    i much preferred shadow orbs, i thought it was a better system, but that is just how i feel... felt more solid overall and comboing was cool for some bursty moments

    this is coming from a long time shadow priest player in pvp
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    I am not a fan of Legion shadow. The ramp up time and waiting for VF to do some decent damage is tiresome. Leveling from 100-110 took longer than anything else I have taken up to max level and I died way more. Contrast that to my affliction warlock who could pull half the zone and still live tells who I play most often.

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    I really liked the system with the orbs. It looked cool, it felt cool. This boring low-damage ramp up and then hectic void form just isn't for me. I think it might work as an option/talent kind of playstyle. But to base the whole spec around it doesn't seem to work.

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    Yes I do..
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    Slowly getting a bit tired of it.
    We basically have 1 build which you always take unless you want to do dumb shit with surrender to madness (which is really fun when you can do it)
    The big issue for me is the more gear you get, the longer it takes to actually get your dps going. Currently my standard is 50-55 voidform stacks with the 4pc of ToS. This means it takes upwards of a minute to get my dps going, a minute where when i can get targetted by anything, it all breaks down.
    Leveling some other classes atm to see what i can switch to.

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