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    Well he is right, 1. bm is one of the few classes where arcano is mediocre.
    It is only middle of the pack when at the same ilvl.
    And gets beaten by cof/cradle/medallion/bti/focci (and more..) even when these trinkets are 10-20 ilvls lower than the arcano.

    2. Onto engine: not bis ; loses out to cradle + other statsticks and medallion (naturally also a bti if you can get it that high).

    955! engine <<<< 950 medallion and 930!!!!!!! cradle (naturally other haste and mastery statstics will then also beat out a engine rather easily...)
    @BM, 56 traits, Talents (2202012), 915/945 gear, 2pc/4pc tier

    The reason you see people using/ ranking high with the "wrong" trinkets --> people will use the best of what they can get/ have. In the end you use what the titanforge lottery grants you and not what the bis lists can tell you.
    Only much later in the tier, towards the end of the patch, will you see the rankings get close to displaying the actual bis trinkets for each fight.
    a 880 arcano sims right up there with almost any 915 trinket so not sure where your getting it loses to items 20 ilvl's below..... Show me a 860 ilvl trinket that beats 880 arcano.. Hell show me a 915 trinket that actually beats it lol.

    also Sims on cradle were assuming 100% uptime and pretty sure they still do so the trinket is broken on sims... Meaning they are basically 1.5x stat statsticks on sims...

    Not to mention how undervalued Convergence actually is on sims vs real life play. I believe 2/3 of Method's hunters till were using it when they killed avatar after 72 split runs and 2 clears of Mythic even though according to sims convergence is lower than even other Nighthold trinkets...
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    Look at the highest arcano run here at @925 see all the trinkets simming higher than it? At lower ilvls ?
    At low ilvls obviously an arcano is good for that ilvl range, but it doesnt really gain very much with high ilvls that is just the nature of secondarys this expansion. But yes it is ok if you lack replacements.

    The diffrence between a statstick and cradle is not very high. The only issue is it is hard to get a statstick to roll that high.
    955 cradle; 3850 agil 1450 haste 955 statstick; 3444 agi 1450 mast/haste

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