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    I would say: good. "Ranged dps" is a silly concept. No class should be strictly ranged, ever.
    Yea but no lol a priest,lock,mage, melee sounds retarded
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    As someone who plays all classes and doesn't mind either melee or ranged it doesn't bother me. Would be nice for a new ranged though capable of using mail armor to balance out the gear a bit more.

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    Wouldn't like it, we've not had a single new ranged dps spec since the games release (we've actually lost a few) and frankly there's only so many boss mechanics that can actually effect melee DPS without causing them to just run out and do nothing.
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    I would probably facepalm. At least once.

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    I will be extremely happy

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    If by pure melee you mean pure melee DPS like Rogue, I'd be surprised because that has about a 0% chance of happening.

    If pure melee like DK I'd be a little disappointed but I wouldn't really care, just wouldn't play it much like I've done with DH (though that's more about their stupid animations than being pure melee).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Divinexve View Post
    I would be quite upsettie.
    Don't care.

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    Pure dps class are the shit tbh.

    I rather preferred control - utility spec beside pure dps spec.

    But atm is pretty hard if not impossible to implement in the current iteration of WoW.

    But just imagine a Mage spec oriented on more buff ally and debuff enemy rather than full nuke mode

    Or a Rogue with more dot that stab stab goal and nature dmg debuff etc

    Way better for balancing instead of the current "fotm rotation "
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    Quote Originally Posted by fadedmind View Post
    Yea but no lol a priest,lock,mage, melee sounds retarded
    But only because you're used to an apparent paradigm of "clothies" obligatorily being ranged classes. There's no logic to it other than historic customs. It's important to be able to distinguish that.

    In reality though, there's no such thing as "ranged fighting". There are only ranged warfare tactics - like employing an archer squad, or catapults, on a battlefield. But you wouldn't send in your archer squad in a tunnel or up a tower and have them "range fight" a bunch of guys who are there to stab them to death. It's ridiculous.

    A mage should be a guy who isn't trained to fight in the heaviest armor and is less of a technical fighter or martial artist than, say, a warrior, a blade master or a bare-fisted monk, but equalizes that by imbuing his weapons with magic, and manipulating things around him in magical ways (force/push field, "hot hand", etc). A fireball here and there, but the whole idea of being this hands-on adventurer type and fighting one on one, or participating in all these 5 man close quarter brawls without having anyone getting in melee distance EVER is ridiculous.

    Why would a priest not fight at close range with weapons? A monk is a priest. Someone being a priest first and foremost tells you something about him being connected to a deity and being able to heal wounds. It says nowhere something about being a pussy and wearing dresses.

    Same goes for all the other classes. It's just a matter of creative design. The whole idea of "ranged" and "melee" classes is rooted partly in tabletop games and partly in technical game-design limitations that in computer terms can be viewed as prehistoric, and now has become a sort of tradition. But game-design-wise, in current iterations of the games it poses more complications and creates potential problems than it solves them, and fantasy-wise is silly as hell on top of that.
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    I'd just fucking laugh at how retarded a decision that would be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by misterbeefy117 View Post
    I'd love a spellstealer-type class but I don't know if WoW in its current form could handle a pure buffer/debuffer class. I'd love to see them try and make it work though, those types of classes have always intrigued me in MMOs.
    they could make it agility based with a throwable glaive as weapon... A long shield as offhand.. basically the classic spellstealer from wc3 idea
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    I wouldnt really care, but the question is, what would it be ?

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    Played a pally since BC, would continue to play pally while looking at the new class and going "oh interesting, more of the same."

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