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    They way to raid heroic is not pug, but if you must, tell everyone to run along the track and stand still. You don't need the DPS bonus from the orbs to break the shields, and you will never wipe. At least to that mechanic.
    I don't know why you would try to pug those last three bosses on heroic though. Unless they are using Voice, it sounds like a fucking nightmare.
    Annnnnd this is not because of the bosses in itself. The game is freaky easy compared to brain required in some day to day jobs. But, the community is filled with morons and toxicity. Impossible to do last bosses without curve from the 2nd week into ToS or if you're a range for Avatar.
    Enjoy you idiocy feast in pug ToS. WoW has never been like that before, nowadays, too much classes, too much difficulties, too much flex. Yet, people take what is "best" to consume the content like a fast food.

    Maiden HC in pug is doable though, not so many groups with high requirement.

    Even worse than IRL job finding: "Hey, you're applying for a junior role, congratz ! We require you to have 2 to 5 years of experience in the domain " blablabla.
    WoW is just the glare of human's madness.
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    Well.. the Tomb of Soaking likes punishing mechanics. Another issue is that the damage in this fight scales terribly. While the hammers are a piece of cake with 10 people (and honestly tanks could likely just take them into face). It hits kinda hard with 20+ people.

    That said it's an easy fight once the group gets the hang of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluttershypony View Post
    did your mother take drugs and drink too much alochol while she was pregnant with you?

    Good players don't like being punished by other people's errors.
    Find a competent guild then. Problem solved. Oh wait no good guilds will take you because you can't handle simple mechanics and cry on the forums instead learning to play.
    Oceanic spriest, thanks blizz for giving us aus servers. 7/9 mythic ToS

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