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    I don't identify as either faction, but basically everyone that is in a relationship has to go as you say unless blizzard gets a writer/ member in the story dept that is actually experienced in that area. So, Malfurion and Tyrande, Thrall, Illidan if that counts, Sylvanas or Nathanos before they get started with that mess they are heading towards, Alleria and Turalyon, whoever is leading the trolls just for the lols and oh god please KILL GALLYWIX in fact... let ME kill gallywix.

    Jaina's romance with kalecgos is "alright" for now I guess, it sort of makes sense in a dragon fetishist kind of way when you ignore the age gap - kill her once she starts saying "Kalec" every three sentences.
    Considering what happened to the last 2 guys she was screwing (Arthas and Thrall) I would cut my losses if i were him
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    Id like Genn and Sylvanas end up killing each other.

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    kill khadgar adn bring back medivh and let him get his staff bacj

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    Not sure about kill, but I would definitely replace Ji and Aysa with proper racial leaders for Pandaren. And maybe a real district.

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    I don't wanna see any more female lore characters killed off we need them around so they can make more azeroth babies gotta keep the cycle going no matter what.
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    Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING is worse than Jale Rivermane's voice actress.
    The worst part is that WQ shows up on the screen when it isn't even showing as active.

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    Varian Wrynn. That guy has always bugged me. Self-proclaimed wolf-god and High King of all Alliance.

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