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    M+ Upper Kara Fortified Mana Confluence Handling

    Hello everyone,

    after several years of reading this forum as a guest i thought i'd join you

    I've got a question about how you guys are handling the Mana Confluences in Upper Kara in high m+ with/without Fortified Affix.

    Yesterday my group went in to upper kara +15. This is a dungeon we hadn't went this high before (highest was +10 upper kara) and we had quite some struggles with these Mana Confluences groups.

    This is what we tried:

    FOcusing the Small Wyrms to kill em fast, so that the shield of the Mana Confluence drops ==> at least 2 to 3 casts of Arcane Barrage comes through and we only survived thanks to personal cds and spirit Link Totem.
    But we can't wait for the CD on those defensives to come back down for every trashpack....

    Than we tried to ignore the small mobs and just focus the Mana Confluence. That seems to work better. But Still at least 1-2 casts of Arcane Barrage come through.

    What we didnt try, because we simply forgot:

    Can you actually Walk behind a Wall when the Mana Confluence starts casting and you won't get hit by his Arcane Barrage ?

    How are you handling those annoying adds ?

    Thanks for your help


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    Yes you can LoS the arcane barrage. I choose to just -NOT- do upper Kara, or Lower kara on any exceedingly high m+. They just aren't fun and are too punishing and require far too much compared to the other ones. So I can't answer your other questions.

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    You tank it on the corner like you do for CoS guy... (blanking on name... the one that does massive AOE dmg and triggers guards to come over)
    Then you los on every cast. its pretty tight but it works. if you want to be safe, you can los earlier. The tank just takes it to the face because tank, but the rest LoS it for the first 1-2 cast and breaks the shield. Upper trash is honestly only terrible in teaming... that stupid lightening spew construct + that guy in 1 pack... like... eeww.. Every other time its kinda easy once you get the hang of it.

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    We just choose to generally avoid upper kara @ anything higher than 5
    It probably has highest effort / lowest reward ratio apart from CoEN.

    As for manas, i just LoS the wyrms break the shield on him to interrupt - nuke wyrms and finish off him.
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    Thanks a lot for your answers !!!

    I totally agree....usually my group avoids upper/lower kara at high stones too. But it's good to know you can LoS the arcane barrages.

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    The shield on the big mana adds are not associated with the mana wyrms at all. And the mana shield doesn't scale with M+ level. This means if your dps is good you can run in and burst the mana shield before any casts go off.

    Yes, you can LoS if you're worried about the cast going off. But almost every group I've been in has had the dps to burn the shield and interrupt the first cast if they focused the big add properly.

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    We usually Line-of-Sight (LoS) only the first cast. By the time the cast comes again, the shield should be gone (independent of the little wyrms). I've done a +18 fortified this ID where we actually were able to get the shield down even before the first one went out, but that was a really high-geared, well-experienced group, so the other option is definitely safer.

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    Generally los the first cast as the add is moving towards the group, then when its in range you burst down the shield and set up an interrupt rotation of 3 people in order to interrupt each cast. The wyrms have nothing to do with the shield.

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    Run in, pop cooldowns on the big add and interrupt at the end of the cast. If your dps is coordinated the shield should drop in 2-3 sec.

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