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  • They added more customization options and were a good idea

    109 14.95%
  • They made it tedious to level up an alt and are pretty much mandatory

    97 13.31%
  • They are a good idea, but the RNG aspect ruins it all

    302 41.43%
  • 100% hate

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    I liked them and I like the idea of a little more control. Someone mentioned get the item then forge it into your chosen idea - that's a great idea. Item would be the RNG drop. I get it, they're trying to not make it a grind. They took the mop/warlords legendary idea and gave it to everyone with artifacts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aeula View Post
    Annoying pieces of gear that I have to constantly upgrade.
    I... I don't mean to be a sourpuss but... Isn't that the POINT of gear? The fact you're constantly upgrading it? You have to "Upgrade" your old gear with EVERY patch, man. That's how it works.
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    Quote Originally Posted by emilylorange View Post
    (x) Holy shit it's been a year???
    Nope. Not even 11 months.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nekrotix View Post
    I... I don't mean to be a sourpuss but... Isn't that the POINT of gear? The fact you're constantly upgrading it? You have to "Upgrade" your old gear with EVERY patch, man. That's how it works.
    Yeah but you usually REPLACE gear. Upgrading it by grinding dungeons and shit every patch isn't really my idea of fun.

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    Yeah so I literally just got the last, most useless utility Legendary I could possibly get. My 3 best ones are the only ones that I don't have as Fury.

    Someone please explain to me how this acquisition system is good.

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    Hate the current system.

    I'd have preferred a drop that started a questline and only has a few slots that could be legendary with the ability to choose which legendary at the end.

    Say one slot is the waist. Legendary belt. Okay. You get the drop and you go on a quest. It doesn't have to be much harder or more difficult than the original artifact quests or the class mount quest.

    You finish the quest and have a choice with different stats on each option (2-4 options). Maybe it's a leather legendary, so BrM Monks, Guardian Druids, and Vengeance DHs might want Versatility. For DPS, maybe mostly crit or haste.

    Point being is that while the drop is RNG, you're guaranteed to get your choice for your spec.

    I mean, it feels weird to get a legendary item that is barely a stat stick upgrade and does nothing for you (Looking at you Loramus Thalipides' Sacrifice)

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    I would have rather they had been something you could actually visibly work towards, not a fucking random thing. It really doesn't even feel rewarding when it happens, it's just a god damn random occurrence.

    I also wish that they had unique appearances. It would be cool to get an awesome looking item that wasn't designed to be part of a set. Kind of like the store helmets, or previous legendaries, except they're all sorts of different armor types.

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    Have any BIS legendaries [ ]
    Aggramar's Stride can suck my dick [x]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haekke View Post
    Nope. Not even 11 months.
    yeah that feels more likely

    too bad it's going to be another year before we can escape it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Molvonos View Post
    Aww. You need a hug?

    There's nothing wrong with being a collector this expansion. RNG sucks, but it always has. Some people still don't have Ashes of A'lar, or the Ravenlord's mount.

    They did something similar in WoD with the invasion mounts, the only difference was they were reskins of the other WoD mounts (pig/wolf/talbuck/etc).

    Dreamweavers can be gotten via pve-p (albeit armored), stormdrake is just another drake, etc.

    There is literally nothing new with how shit was handled this expac for collectors, just another coat of paint.

    Edit: typo and a word
    Big difference between being done quickly for chance at [example, only takes 10 minutes tops, of which is all due to RP for Ashes of A'lar or Invincible off Arthas in ICC... even WoD's invasions are quickly done within a few minutes], vs having to do a lot of WQs over a fair amount of time thoughout the week(s) to get a chance of...

    So no, it ain't "always been the same thing" as you put it... Blizzard could've at least made them tradable, instead they'd rather have you slave away at the game for a mere chance at. Fuck that. Been playing since TBC, and I've stopped playing Legion a few months back because I'm disgusted with the direction WoW's heading with all this RNG bullshit in literally everything now, all for Blizzard's pursuit to keep people playing as long and as much as possible.

    The game isn't fun anymore, it's a fucking chore.
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    Overall, I like them. I like how the procs/effects change up my playstyle on some classes, and it's always nice to see those bold orange letters in my item-get toast. I totally understand why people are put off by the heavy RNG gating, though, but at least you can target specific slots with the Legionfall tokens and the upcoming Argus tokens to make it suck a bit less. Like, I get it. I disagree, but I get it.

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    I pretty much like them, I guess. Didn't have too much luck with RNG until now, but who cares, they're fun nonetheless.

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