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    Kil'jaeden HM tanking help

    Hi people,
    I am actually trying to kill KJ HM with my guild, and i have some gear-related questions.
    Note that we don't have a tank heal, so i have to be able to survive 5 stacks of claws, more than anything else.
    So i am asking here, what should i take ?

    I actually have : shoulders and (new) ring as legs, and DMF:immo. 900 and the reliquary of the damned 915 as trinkets.
    To my disposition, i have the wrists, cape, legs, and neck legendaries, and as trinket i have :
    • 915 cradle of anguish
    • 905 angerboda
    • 915 cosmic sliver
    • 910 skorp's exoskeleton
    • 905 dagger haft

    I was thinking i should get the goroth's tank trinket to replace the reliquary, it being a bit better, but i am not used to tank with so much def trinkets (i never took that much damage, and it has always gone very well)
    If you want to see the rest of my stuff, my name is baguettson, on Hyjal (i can't post links apparently )

    Thanks in advance for the help !

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    Having the new legendary ring should make heroic KJ even easier than it already is, seeing as how you can run both rune tap and foul bulwark. You can have vamp blood up for every felclaws, just pop it after the first stack and should have it up for the duration. Pool RP going into his cast so you can immediately DS after each hit and pretty much self sustain through them all. I play a blood DK as my alt and have only done him twice but I've found it to be very easy. I can only imagine how much easier it'd be having a rune tap charge for the 4th and 5th hits. Forgot to mention that you could also save consumption so you have the additional leech for self healing even more on the 2-5 stacks.

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