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    Need DNS / domain / ipv6 guru - teaching myself ipv6

    I have started working on learning ipv6. I have one question for the time being.

    Can I make a domain only ipv6? Can I have my registrar just glue my ipv6 addresses for my dns servers and not worry about running ipv4 servers?
    My intention is for my domain dns servers to only run ipv6 if possible, as I'm running a 6to4 tunnel through he.net, and don't really have access to static IPv4 addresses.

    The reason I'm asking. I have my lab running locally and everything is working for the main and slave BIND servers. When I sent my request for the ipv6 glued addresses the support tech at the registrar said I still need A records for ns1 and ns2.

    Any help or recommendations would be appreciated.

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    Nevermind. Support guy just emailed me apologizing that it's not necessary.

    Thanks though.

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    Gonna steal your post a little, anyone can explain in simple words how the bloody heck you construct an ipv6 address?

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    I don't think anyone could answer your IPv6 inquiries very well on a forum. There are many good videos to be found on youtube explaining IPv6 in detail. But if you don't have a solid understanding of IPv4 you should start there.

    Quick search I found this video, I did not watch it completely but a quick skim shows it to be a good vid assuming you have an understanding of ipv4.

    edit: If you have more directed questions I'm sure some could answer.
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