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    Returning from a break, fire or arcane?

    Stuck deciding which spec to main. Not a serious player anymore, looking for fairly casual pvp, some raiding, and mythic +. The most important thing to me is having a fun enjoyable rotation, if that still exists in this game. I am open to playing frost if that suits me needs, any advice will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance. I'm currently leaning towards arcane.
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    Fire mage is probably the spec for you then.

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    I'm playing frost casually atm, its really fun especially since im enjoying some good herb! the better you handle the procs (much like fire) the better your deeps will be, just remember the ebonboltflurry icelance combo! Frost or fire doesnt have a typical "Rotation" more of a list of important spells to cast if procced

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    You can play any of them if you wanna do stuff casually, Fire/Arcane are especially powerful in Mythic+. In terms of casual PvP, all of them are viable.

    Fire is very mobile, proc based, huge burst damage

    Frost is almost as mobile, very proc based, really high consistent ST/cleave damage

    Arcane is average mobility, takes more planning and has some procs, huge burst damage.

    If you want something different, a playstyle that rewards careful planning ahead and management of resources, try Arcane. But if you're looking for higher APM gameplay with satisfying hard-hitting instants, Fire/Frost are more up your alley.

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    Frost is currently boring as hell. Frost has the most simplicated rotation from all 3 specs.

    I would go for fire/arcane both specs are super good for m+ and viable for raiding. Fire is much more lege depended than Arcane tho.

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    I really enjoy fire. For a small part of the expansion, I hated it (after the combustion nerf), but now that my mage is an alt, I can focus on playing what I like, and I feel fire is just super useful in almost every scenario
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    Fire is fun and useful in all areas of the game, except pure single target raid bosses, at which it fails compared to other classes. Good news is that it's equally stronger in most other scenarios. The major issue with recommending the class is the strict legendary requirements. You'll want the DB helm, the belt, and either the hero ring or the bracers before you can perform competitively.

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    If you want to have fun, play fire, if you want to be effective, play literally anything else.
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    I prefer Fire for solo work since the easy-cleave and instant-cast options makes world quests a snap.

    For group content, Arcane is more fun. Arcane Explosion spam is easy and effective for AoE when you've got a tank to gather everything together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iconja View Post
    If you want to have fun, play fire, if you want to be effective, play literally anything else.
    Mythic parses seem to be telling a different story, so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zenfoldor View Post
    Mythic parses seem to be telling a different story, so far.
    And then there is this guy...

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    Quote Originally Posted by imortals View Post
    And then there is this guy...
    Whats wrong with this guy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xcitng View Post
    Whats wrong with this guy?
    Thread is about someone looking for a spec to play for about everything in the game except mythic raiding and then someone starts about mythic parses. (not saying he is wrong tho)

    Ontopic: IMO: Go for fire mate, the amount of mobility and and skillset makes it a very enjoyable spec to play, but be sure to simply try arcane for a bit before deciding, once you pump AP and legendaries into a spec it will take a while to even out AP/Legends in another spec.

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    Fire is SHIT in PvP right now.
    It is fun thou....

    Arcane is fun and more viable. I would prefer Arcane over Fire and Frost over both.

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    Thanks for all of the feedback! Still struggling to make a decision

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    Quote Originally Posted by MNoggle81 View Post
    Thanks for all of the feedback! Still struggling to make a decision
    Make a character on ptr and try different rotations. If you like short burst, turret playstyle, and be at least decent on everything go Arcane. If you like to focus on killing one target while having more sustained dps go Frost. If you like more AoE oriented classes with many instant casts go Fire

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    I am a fan of fire. I've tackled the other specs and I always end up going back to my favorite spec fire.

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    I've always loved fire mage, for years. But I gave arcane a try a legion and it really is a blast. Especially with the new animations coming, I can't wait. Honestly do what I did and try them all on PTR and make your mind up then. Besides, you only need to make your mind up for a little bit, if you're playing casually, you can keep at least two specs semi-close together (depending on what legos drop for you that is).

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    Quote Originally Posted by MNoggle81 View Post
    Thanks for all of the feedback! Still struggling to make a decision
    I know its a week later, but if you're still stuck between specs, just pick one and play it for a month.

    Despite common opinion, you are NOT locked into a single spec once you start playing it. We've gotten to the point where Legendaries are the only limiting factor (AK 40 trivializes Pre-Concordance leveling), and you can't guarantee the one you want will drop.

    So, give one of them a try. Flip a coin to decide if you'd like. If you don't like it after a few weeks, try another. It really is that simple.
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    Thanks to all that replied. I ended up going with frost, and I'm really enjoying it so far.

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