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    U.S election without presidential candidates.

    Hypothetically if there was an election without presidential candidates and they picked someone for the job as president after the election and all the attention was on the parties them selves and their politics.

    How do you think the votes would turn out then, what party would likely win?

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    Whichever party was likely to lose would put a man forward anyway, even if the nomination isn't official, and the other party would do the same.
    I don't think this matters nearly as much as you think it does.

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    Politics seem so much more tribal than ideological now, I'm not sure it would make much of a difference. I guess the biggest difference is that right now it has a lot to do with voter turnout which is largely driven by animosity towards (or in rare cases positive support for) individual candidates. I don't think campaigns would struggle to find new foci for their shaming and blaming, but it would be interesting to see just where it would go. We see quite a lot of generalized anger, so maybe it would just be more of that.

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    Either vote or don't complain.

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    I know my English isn't good, but the question wasn't hard to understand was it?

    Imagine there was no such thing as a president, how would the elections go then?

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    Who would debate the issues? A committee?

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    My guess is that the elections would go much as they have gone for decades. People would elect one side for a term or two, get tired of them and then elect the other side.

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    I would love to be ruled by a supreme machine overlord,
    Probably better off than with Trump or Clinton...

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    Unpredictable results, maybe the United States will be torn apart

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    It would function how elections used to where the senators pick the president.

    We are a representative democracy here in the states, which is why we have weird stuff like electoral college.

    Basically 50 small countries decide who they want to have as president, then that person gets to be in charge of the lot of them.

    I'm actually surprised the system has made it past the civil war given how it's the biggest definition of states rights over federal power.

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    Fun fact, in Australia we don't vote for our Prime Minister. We vote for our representatives, and whichever party wins determines who the Prime Minister is.

    But still we make it all about the person.

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