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    Pop ups on mobile

    I can't load this site for 2 minutes on my iPhone in either safari or chrome without a pop up asking me to install an app. Is this what this site has become? Infested with malware and advertisements?

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    I legit was just about to post this. I am having the same issue. Happened 3 times while trying to reply to this thread alone
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    I know of that popup. It doesn't allow you to go back so you have to constantly re-load the page and hope that ad doesn't show up.

    Just one of the many reasons I use an adblocker on PC and will never whitelist MMO-Champ, those kind of ads are so intrusive and should be removed.
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    Thanks for answering my question in a condescending prick way. Have a great day.

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    Please report the URLs so we can get them removed.


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