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    Quote Originally Posted by smaktat View Post
    Because it's a video game and you aren't entitled to anything you child.
    The only child I see when I look at your reply is you.
    I would advice you to consider reading some posts before posting, in order to form an idea of what this thread is about in reality.
    Don't give in to your stupidity, please. Your reply is pure toxic s**t.
    This was a very civilized thread and it concluded it's purpose (for me) at least a week ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by emilpor View Post
    Your reply is pure toxic s**t.
    ironic .
    Quote Originally Posted by Sliddqvist View Post
    Sorry, but I disagree. When go to do look more like, you have to consider as decided the need to go want to look. If you merely decided as to think to half of that, you might as well go to a floor towards as the far. I can't believe you deny the use of further deciding to even want to do look more like, when the rest of us have decided to need a want. Go ahead, go want to do look more like further than a half. It gets you nowhere, I can tell you that.

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    "Why are we not discussing Mythic KJ reward?"
    Because we don't really care?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felfaadaern Darkterror View Post
    "Why are we not discussing Mythic KJ reward?"
    Because we don't really care?
    I care, one mythic endboss I won't have to farm two expansion from now on the rare chance I get some mount I never use!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tech614 View Post
    Tradition dictates? You must be new to WoW and only played in nighthold. Not every end boss has a mount drop. Lei'Shen/Ra'den for example placed the exact same tier wise and KJ and had not mount.
    The raid dropped 2 mounts though.

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    Title and loot is an okay reward for a secondary tier raid. Would've been different if it was the same on the last one in 7.3.5.
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