View Poll Results: Do you use your 7.2 class mount/s?

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    23 9.43%
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    I use my priest owl exclusively. It'll get added to my favorite mount rotation when I'm tired of it.
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    Depends on the class, I guess. Shaman and DH are great. Pally is meh. Priest is wut? Warlock is badass.

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    Even tho I have many many rare mounts, I do use my gilded donkey mount as a Paladin. Usually I get bored with every mount I have, so this is something new to fly with for now.

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    I am Murloc! FuxieDK's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Forsworn Knight View Post
    I thought giving a few potential answers more nuanced than yes/no might serve this poll better.
    I'm a druid and we got no class mount. We only got a derby looking owl, replacing flight form..

    So no... Ofc I'm not using it.. I switched back to bat form after 1 minute..
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    I use them on some classes. (I have 6 I think) DK/rogue/warrior is cool, druid's owl form looks retarded (an actual smaller reasonably sized owl would be sweet but not the derpy form they came up with), and I don't like pally's or DH's. I'll definitely use shaman's when I get it, along with mage, can't remember what lock's looks like off the top of my head, prolly use hunter, not monk's.

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    I am Murloc! jasontheking1234's Avatar
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    Yeah. I love my horsey.

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    I am Murloc! Scoli's Avatar
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    I dont. I dislike how on the rogue class mount my character sits so far forward. It feels awkward for some reason.

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    I am Murloc! Felfaadaern Darkterror's Avatar
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    None of them match my transmog and/or personal class fantasy.
    My pally is a space (Dranei) pally, so the Celestial Steed suits him better.
    My demon hunter is dark like batman, and doesn't care for all the glitzy gold.
    My warrior is Dwarf with Storm Peaks theme, and prefers the Ironbound Proto-Drake.

    I'm leveling my brewmaster now and don't even remember their mount.
    Maybe I'll like that one, but how can you beat the Cloud Serpents?

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    Elemental Lord Deruyter's Avatar
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    No, everyone has them. I use my rare and prestigious mounts instead.
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    No. As a priest, I'd better walk on my feet than use class mount.
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    Arcane Mage - 100% of the time (I used to use the MoP one, but the new sewer lid looks nicer and allows mounting in water).
    MM Hunter - 80% of the time.
    Balance Druid - negative 50% of the time.
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    Yes and no I suppose.

    I use an addon to use a random mount when I need a ride and whenever my dear dragon does show up I get a nice smile on my face.

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    Depends on the character I'm using. I prefer smaller mounts, so mounts like the Monk, Paladin and Mage are perfect, in my opinion. Priest is no more intrusive than a gryphon so it gets a pass. My warrior is still using the engineering's helicopters, as the drake is just too big. The Demon Hunter's mount would be in the same situation as the Warrior's mount, but it gets a pass for the awesome mounting animation, and its prancing run style that gets a laugh out of me every time.

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    The Lightbringer Schattenlied's Avatar
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    No, looks like shit, horribly unimaginitve design... "let's give Paladins a THIRD horse class mount! And make it not even look like a warhorse!"... Really Blizzard, really?
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    Legendary! Mehman's Avatar
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    .... I 'unno.
    I'm using the paladin one, yeah. Will keep using it until either I get around to buying the new store mount, or I get Invincible.

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    I have every class mount and every specific spec mount to go with them. I only really use Shaman and Monk mounts. Sometimes Rogue. The others are all left in my random favorites(which is about 100+ these days).

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    I stick to my sentinel glyph flight form

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    I only have the class mount on my main so far (Hunter), and have all 3 colors in my "Summon Favorite" rotation. So it's not the only mount I use, but I do enjoy it very much.
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    Every class mount I've obtained I use all the time. I just like new shiny mounts over the shitty low poly ones.
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    Sometimes. Invincible is usually my go-to mount but I have alot of mounts set as favorite, so I just hit the "random favorite" button and see what I get. I quite like the DK class mount though.

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