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    3 rogues at max, but I think I have 4 high level paladins.

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    Warlock or Rogue.
    For some reason when I decide to level up a new character on a new realm, I always choose one of those two. I have absolutely no idea why.
    They seldom go higher than the 30-40's either...

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    Mostly, I have more characters of one class because of RP reasons and playing on different servers / playing Horde and Alliance. Also, before Legion, it was sometimes easier to have different variations of characters if you wanted to play different specs (at least, in casual content).

    I have 6 mages, and usually 2-5 of other classes as well, though on Alliance side, most of them have not reached 100 yet, since I play Horde most of the time. At 100, I only have 2 mages as a duplicate, because I have one profession on either a mage or a paladin, and I have a bit more fun playing mage. :3

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    I've made 4 druids (1 of each race), only played 2 of them so far. I have played 2 of many different classes, but have 2 rogues at 110 to pick lockboxes from other characters.
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    Mage, because its the only class that I never could be bothered to transfer along with my other characters on a server change, so just made a new one eventually - think I've done it 3 or 4 times.
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    I think i've leveled 8 monks in Pandaria only 3 are still alive. For guild achievement.
    I didn't really like how the specs worked but I didn't really need to like it.
    I have 5 warlocks cause I like locks and atleast 2 of everything else.
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    Had over 20 lvl 60+ rogues back in the days
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    I have a lot Warriors. Like 2 low levels. A 100, a 96, a 110, and another 100 on a different.
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    When the legion pre event thing was going on I made a bunch of dks on different servers so I could make a bunch of demon hunters.

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    Probably warriors, mostly fury.
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    I dont have any of the same class at max level at least... but I have a different paladin for every xpac since wrath, plus an additional one (2) at level 80. Also I must have a DK on every EU server at least, some of them are over 60, others are 58, some 55 with 1 minute played. Not sure if they count. I don't even main any of these anymore, i play DH and ive only got one of those.

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