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    another "leak"

    You would wonder why people would still put time in this

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    Quote Originally Posted by vettehenk View Post
    another "leak"

    You would wonder why people would still put time in this
    What do you mean? This clearly isn't 'made up' by Jaytroll, he's just relaying information from his Blizzard source

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    The terrible expansion title gave it away

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niwes View Post
    muhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. heavy laugh.

    Jaylock, for real, when YOU have "connections" and even a 10th of this unbelievable BS leak become real, for sure, i praise you as my new god. on every day in my life at every place i be. serious

    Lol, its so hefty to be the douchebag joke of MMOC. You are a hard-ass Jay, really
    You won't be laughing when this is announced as the new expansion.
    Flaks - My Pally
    Keep Flight OUT of Current Content. You want to fly on Argus? hahahahahahahaha
    To all my fans, thank you for your support over the years. ~sincerely Jaylock
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkguyver2020 View Post
    Gnome Demon Hunter? I already know this is bogus.
    Now you're a Gnomist too, when will the intolerance end?

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    Expanding DH to arbitrary races and creating two entire professions based around the feature of a single expansion pretty much invalidates this out of the gates. Not go mention it's the second leak posted by the same account.

    That being said, I'd play it.

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