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    Erm Dark Shaman set....

    I have been farming Mythic SoO for a few weeks but i have just red it dont drop on Mythic is this true? How many times a week can i try it tyia

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    Once a week and its a random drop just like everything else.
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    Once a week, no matter the lockout. So if you do Dark Shamans on normal mode, you won't be able to get it if you try on hc/mythic within the same lockout week. It can drop on mythic though.

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    I had it drop on Mythic a few weeks ago so it can drop on Mythic.
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    I killed dark shaman every single week on any given difficulty from opening to wod launch and I never got it. Then the very first run after MoP which I did just some months ago I got the set, it pissed me off because I really wanted the set back then, now I'm just over it so it's gathering dust in my tabs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcanines View Post
    Once a week and its a random drop just like everything else.
    I know its Random RNG that wasnt even the question
    thanks for replys all

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