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    Both extremists are bad. Who would have know?!
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    No, I think people should be hired 100% on personal merits.
    But people don't get hired based on personal merits, people get hired because they are white. Or because they are a guy.

    It's their side that has to change first.
    Affirmative action is a reaction to racists not hiring black people, etc.
    There are so few respectable studies that show a real "racist" or "sexist" bias exists, plus we already have laws to protect against discriminatory hiring practices, It is not ethical to gimp your own company to hire lesser employees just because they have a certain color of skin, whoever does the best work deserves the job, and if you feel like you were passed up for a lesser candidate because of your color of skin, and can prove it, sue the shit out of them.

    Part of the problem is companies are so scared of even having an accusation thrown at them and then having the media and SJW's hound them they bend over backwards to appease them.
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